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Top 20 Kpop songs of 2010, part 1

January 8, 2011

This year was rather disappointing for K-pop, but I didn’t even realize it how bad it was until I started putting this 2010 list together. I usually have a difficult time deciding which songs to kick from the line-up, but this time I struggled to find “worthy” tracks. There were a lot of likable, fun songs that were released this year (for instance, I enjoyed SHINee’s “Lucifer,” but I don’t like it enough to consider it a favorite), but few of them clicked with me.

However, I did what I could and got together of my favorite K-pop songs of 2010. This list has tracks I more liked than loved, starting with 20 and counting down to 11. I’ll post 10 to 1 tomorrow or the next day. Please remember that this is my opinion! I’d love to hear what your personal favorites of the year were.

  • 20. After School – Bang!
    This is just a fun song. It’s pretty cheesy, but I just end up liking it for that. After School really knows how to make songs that have that effect. I don’t have much more to say about this track other than that. It’s one of those songs I don’t mind listening to even after (almost) a year because it’s so entertaining.

  • 19. BoA – Hurricane Venus
    When this song was first released, I was positively obsessed with it. I listened to it so much that now I hesitate to call it a favorite… I think I got tired of it! It’s a really good song though, and I can still listen to it and realize that. It’s BoA perfection. It’s extremely catchy and I think it’s one of those songs that will stand out as one of the good ones of 2010 for more than just me.

  • 18. One Way – Magic
    This is another song I played into oblivion; I originally envisioned it much higher on the list. I know it’s a fantastic song though. One Way is in interesting group to me because they have genuine talent and they’re very into connecting with their fans (and definitely reach out to their international audience. It just makes me like them more. I think even aside from that, this song just shows off their versatility. It’s a catchy song, but it also sounds good through-and-through. I am a sucker for falsetto.

  • 17. miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl
    I know a lot of people disliked this song, but I found it to be pretty catchy and enjoyable. It’s a great song to debut with, and the dance was so hilariously fun and memorable. I wish miss A had stayed with this kind of thing instead of “Breathe,” which I actually thought was one of the WORST K-pop songs of the year. What I like about “Bad Girl Good Girl” is the run-together kind of verses. It just gets in my head and I think that’s how I ended up listening to it so much (and subsequently liking it quite a bit). I actually watched almost every single live performance of this song, and that is a VERY rare occurrence (typically reserved for Big Bang only, but another group caught my attention as well–you’ll find out who tomorrow). The miss A girls are just so FIERCE.

  • 16. IU & Seulong – 잔소리 [Nagging]
    I hesitated to put this song on the list because it’s one of those VERY cutesy tracks, but then I remembered that I don’t care about that. I love IU (although I didn’t listen to her newest song enough to evaluate it for 2010), and Seulong is my favorite 2AM member. This song is just utter adorableness and UGH. I liked it so much that I made a video with it for the drama Prosecutor Princess. It’s not deep or anything, but sometimes fluffy, sappy goodness is in order. This song fits the bill for that.

  • 15. Co-Ed School – Too Late
    One thing I like about Co-Ed is that it’s a chance for guy and girl vocals to mix. This song is fun and addictive and the video is enjoyable to watch. I think the dance is awful and amazing all at once. THE BUTT SHAKING. It’s so memorable! It’s so embarrassing! But hey, it worked for Kara, right? Anyway, I think “Too Late” (part 1 mostly) is a good 2010 song. It’s not perfect, but I would definitely call it a fantastic debut track.

  • 14. C.N.Blue – 외톨이야 [I’m a Loner]
    I LOVE THIS SONG! It’s fantastic. I just want to sing along dramatically every time it plays. Even my non-Kpop-loving sister said she likes it. It’s just that kind of song. It screams happiness even if the lyrics are kind of depressing. I don’t know why? I think it’s that odd juxtaposition that makes me like it all the more. I liked C.N.Blue’s “LOVE” too, but this one just seems a bit better to me.

  • 13. Hyuna – Change (feat. 용준형 from BEAST)
    This is probably one of the songs I’ve had the longest (for 2010) and I still love listening to it. It’s completely and utterly K-pop to the core. It’s shameless. Hyuna might not be the most talented in the vocal department, but she knows how to work what she’s got. She has incredible charisma and this song is completely enjoyable because of it. She brings it every time, and this song… it’s just amusing and catchy and HYUNA all the way. Also, mixing 4minute and Beast always makes amazing good times (THE ENGRISH. FAVORITED.) Y-Y-Y-OU LEDDY? I made a “Change” background last January if you’re interested.

  • 12. GD & TOP – Oh Yeah feat. Park Bom
    It was difficult to pick one GD & TOP song for the year (I had to limit myself), but for me the best had to be “Oh Yeah.” Well, it was at first. After listening to the album more, I changed my mind, but I still adore this song and had to include it (so don’t get mad that I had a GTOP repeat on the list; it just had to happen). I love “High High” (among so many others, including “집에 가지마/Don’t Go Home,” which is lovely) but “Oh Yeah” just has a more interesting color to it. Is it because of Bom? Perhaps. I think the atmosphere of this song is fantastic. It’s fun and flirty and I adore it. Seeing the live performances of this track absolutely cinched it for me. My, my, my. One of favorite things about this song is actually TOP’s singing. It’s sort of rap-singing? When he comes on after the first chorus I positively DIE. Overall, it’s just an enjoyable song that makes me smile. I-I-I like it, baby. I know some people have had the COMPLETE opposite reaction about “Oh Yeah,” but I’m not one of them.

  • 11. Outsider – 주변인 [Acquaintance]
    I think this song is so freaking gorgeous. Outsider has a knack for rapping in a very powerful and emotion-evoking way. At first I wondered if his rapid-fire rapping was a gimmick, and maybe it kind of is? But this is my second year listing an Outsider song as a favorite, and I still believe he just owns his music. The fast rapping adds an urgency, almost a panicked kind of aspect to the music. The background music is so lovely and haunting, so the two mixed creates an interesting song. LOVE IT.

GD and TOP’s ‘뻑이가요/Knock Out’ is outtasight

January 4, 2011

I was so excited when I found out they were making a video for GD and TOP’s “뻑이가요/Knock Out” song. When evaluating my interesting in their album, I initially thought “Oh Yeah” was my favorite track. However, it hit me later that “뻑이가요” is actually the song that’s the most dynamic and interesting, and I am basically in love with it (it’s funny how revelations like this come suddenly). It’s the kind of song that continuously grows on a person until it’s undoubtedly in the lead.

The video is absolutely perfection. It’s eccentric, gratuitous, and over-the-top. This song demands that kind of imagery, so I’m glad they went that route. It’s simple, but effective.

I was not into the smokey-dreamy effect that seemed to dominate the video. I WANT CLARITY. I NEED TO SEE GTOP IN CRISP LINES. Other that that, there is just too much to even comment on (in a good way).

I’m still not a fan of the dance (it’s so ugly), but whatevs. FAVORITE PART? Definitely when TOP and GD are popping bubble-wrap like it’s their job. LOVE. I really liked the crazy styling, especially GD’s. I remember back when people gave him so much grief for his clothing choices, but nowadays it’s expected. Haters gonna (still) hate, but I’m not one of them. A fashion revolution won’t start with conformists, so let GD ring. (TOP in various suits deserves an A+, just in case you didn’t know this already.)

G-Dragon and TOP with bubble wrap

The young girls featured in the video… future group in the making? I want to know who they are.

Of course, the most “wtf” moment of the video (if only one can be chosen) is the Segway part. LMAO. Dying forever at the randomness of that.


What did you think? Am I only seeing through the eyes of an obsessed fan (well, let’s just forget that this is always how I see), or is this actually pretty decent?

MBLAQ’s ‘Cry’ review

January 3, 2011

I thought I’d whip up a quick review of MBLAQ’s “Cry” song and MV. I generally like MBLAQ and I’m glad that they’ve finally released something new.

The beginning of the MV just made me laugh. SRY. I think English intros are so overdone and when they sound like THAT, of course I’m going to snicker. It’s just a law of nature. Also, please don’t let Thunder veer from dark hair. IT MAKES ME INCREDIBLY SAD. So few K-pop stars can do hair that light, and I don’t think he’s among the handful that can.

Really not into the man-eyeshadow craze that’s sweeping Korea. Guy-liner, yes. I can handle that if it’s done correctly. Blue sparkles? NO. IT’S DISTRACTING AS HECK, EVEN ON GIRLS. OKAY? Please listen D:

Other than these things, the styling is tolerable and the video quality is good. I’m terribly reminded of “Y” in so many aspects, but I’ll just put that thought away as it probably just means that they’re trying to cultivate some kind of reoccurring concept for the group. OR NOT. I liked the water element though. It was both pretty and interesting.

The song is nice, I suppose. It’s ~passionate~ and ~emotional~, which is definitely one route a group can take with their music. I definitely see some kind of relationship with MBLAQ and Rain through music and concept choices alone. There is an undeniable similarity/link. I’m into the song enough that I consider it refreshing and worth listening to. Lately everything is so-so for me, so I think that “Cry” is just a step above that. Maybe it will grow on me further at some point.

Girl Story is a WTF story

December 27, 2010

A new group called “Girl Story” recently debuted with the song “Pinky Pinky.” All newbies have some kind of special thing that sets them apart, and Girl Story is no different. What’s their “thing”? THEIR AGE. They have an average age of 9. Your computer screen isn’t short-circuiting; that’s really the truth.




I can’t fault the girls or their parents for wanting a fun hobby; I mean, didn’t we all do extra-curricular activities when we were their ages? The part that makes me crazy is that this is just another money-making scheme. Sure, we could even begin comparing this kind of thing to an American equivalent, such as Willow Smith. I have to say it’s easy to make excuses for her because she has undeniable talent. HOWEVER, the difference here is that the US has clear child labor laws and it seems like SK is still working on theirs. And even with proper labor laws, it’s always a question of whether it’s healthy for someone that young to be in the limelight. Will there ever be a child star that survives without a mountain-high load of baggage?

There are so many questions when it comes to this, but when it comes to Girl Story, I just feel sad. These girls don’t even have solid talent to back them up in their venture into the entertainment world. Supposedly, some of these girls are known for acting, but it’s clear that singing is not their forte (especially if they have to be auto-tuned into oblivion). Why can’t kids just be kids? Why can’t this just be some recital, where all the parents will gush with pleasure at the adorable imperfection that children and pre-teens are so good at embracing (when we adults try to hide it all the time). It’s just too hard to see these girls dressed as mini-grownups with fake voices and fake dances and…


GD and TOP’s album blows my mind (review)

December 24, 2010

Were you waiting for my review, bb? Here it is, in it’s full, fangirly glory. Everyone should know by now that I’m a huge Big Bang fan. I’ve been really excited about TOP and G-Dragon’s album. Doesn’t that go without saying? I’m very grateful that they’ve been throwing us a few bones (like giving us various previews, singles, videos, and so on) prior to the actual release of the album because it’s tided me over. Barely, but I’ve made it. YAY! Can you already tell my brain is in a disorganized state of EUPHORIA? Let’s just skip all of the attempts at proper chat and I’ll give you my review of the album!

Read more…

Fangirl dreamworld

December 21, 2010

I was just browsing my iPhone’s note section and I came across a time when I tried to compile the important details of a fandom-inspired dream shortly after waking. I remember knowing what the obscure things referenced for up to a week after I had the dream, but I think (in my fully awake state) I realized it would be silly/difficult to document it in full. Anyway, enjoy trying to decode this hilarious mess of dream notes:

Minzy sprinkler
Taec smart scientist
Dara dog
Jingo face paint???
Liam and Heeim
Variety show
GD sat back
T-ara MV for WC
Area where you could get tossed thru space and time

It oddly reads like a very strange poem. my favorite line is “Taec smart scientist. ”

This post is courtesy of my phone, so I apologize if the formatting is off. I had this dream back in June, by the way.

GD and TOP’s Inkigayo comeback (debut?) 101219

December 20, 2010

I saw G-Dragon and TOP performing on Inkigayo a few hours after it was aired (really early my time on the 19th), and OH man. LOVED IT. Here are some of the notes I took while watching it. I would have posted them sooner, but I went straight to bed after viewing the performance:

Kinda just realized that this is Big Bang. Performing. On stage. Albeit, it’s not ALL of Big Bang, but this is just LOVELY and I will appreciate it. I mean, they have a special kind of charisma no one can duplicate.

The energy on stage for “High High” is crazy good. They look like bobble-heads when they first appear! I love how TOP and GD interact on stage… guh, it’s so fun to watch. They really make their lack of choreography work like heck. Instead of a straight-up dance, they have stuff that’s more akin to skits.

I think I died from laughing when TOP winks at the beginning of “Oh Yeah.” ALSO, LOVE LOVE LOVE Bom as soon as she appears. GD and Bom dancing together is OMG, favorited (lol). ANDDDDDDD her interacting with TOP? Can there be more things to love about this?

Both of these performances are fantastic because it seems like they’re having a great time on stage. That always shows through and infects the audience with a lot of happiness! I can feel it.