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Preview for Big Bang’s “Number 1” Track

October 1, 2008

OH MY GOSH, there is a preview out for Big Bang’s Japanese single, “Number 1.” I had a mini-debate with myself on whether I should listen or not, but that lasted for maybe… less than a second. I love fostering excitement, and previews only help that (well, if they’re any good). And yes, it’s in English.

Big Bang - Number 1

I don’t want to spoil anyone who doesn’t want to hear a thing. I’ll put my thoughts under the cut. And I’d like to say straight off that I don’t want anyone to preach at me about respecting Big Bang etc. I am not ripping them off by promoting and hyping their release; I’m sure they previewed this song originally for the same reason. *Shiny smile* (I simply have to add this because I don’t want to this to spark arguments I’m already tired of.)

HOLY SMOKES, I can’t tell you how shocked I was when I realized this was going to be a full/semi-full preview. Of course, from the first second it’s evident that it’s a crappy audio rip, but I love that. It makes it so much more exciting to think about the full, beautiful, actual release.

I love the beat in the background. It’s catchy from the first. And TOP’s rapping in the beginning = love. G-Dragon sounds great–not at all “fobby,” lol. I am infatuated with that falsetto Taeyang pulls out before the chorus (I want to marry it). And can we talk about the chorus? IT’S AMAZING. Daesung’s voice stands out SO much, and his pronunciation is phenomenal. Seungi doesn’t have a lot of big parts in this preview, but maybe his voice will pop more in the HQ track. But from what I can hear of him, he sounds great. I think this is going to be their best Japanese/English song yet. KDLSFJdslkfj.

If you don’t want to listen, but want to know a little about it: it’s a solid track. There is a lot of variety vocally, musically, whatever-ly. I feel as optimistic about this song as I do about their Korean “Until Whenever” (that’s hopefully coming out this November). Their English has improved GREATLY. I didn’t hear any complicated phrases or cheesy “seductive” lines (“never have I laid my eyes on so much juicy,” ring a bell?), which THRILLS me beyond belief. Their accents are almost nonexistent in “Number 1”; I KID YOU NOT. Keysmashes! aksdmfkl!!!!

I would even go as far as to say that this is AT LEAST on level with the English music we’ve heard from BoA and Se7en (dude, I wrote about his “Them Girls” track like half a week ago, but it’s so uninspiring I don’t want to edit the piece I wrote lol). How exciting is that? SO EXCITING, that’s what.

Want to check this preview out for yourself? Join and download here, or hear a criminally clear version (that I’m avoiding) on YouTube.

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