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Korean “Makino” Casting Revealed – This Fangirl Almost Hyperventilates

October 5, 2008

Gu Hye Sun Gu Hye Sun

The world is made of rainbow and chocolate!!!! Gu Hye Sun Has been cast as the Korean Makino Tsukushi in the K-Hana Yori Dango. This once-ullzang is going to to be the STAR of this drama, and at this particular moment feel like I couldn’t be an ounce happier. I guess my only “disappointment” is that she’s a bit too pretty/cute for the tough character of Makino, but I will accept it. Gu Hye Sun has mostly taken on sageuk (historical) K-dramas in her acting career, but I was first introduced to her as a “modern” girl. She was one of the people that completely hooked me into the wonderfully cheesy Korean sit-com Nonstop 5 (aside from obvious draws like Tablo and Lee Minwoo). In that show she played an adorable, yet surprisingly spunky character who would kick any guy who looked at her the wrong way lol. Even though that was a few years ago (2005), I’m sure she can still pull that sort of thing off.

OH MY FREAKING GOSH, I AM OUT OF MY MIND EXCITED BY THIS CHOICE! I know there are going to be differing opinions about this, but BELIEVE ME: she can act. Happy happy happy that one of my all-time favorite fictional women is being played by someone I admire. YAY.

LMAO, excuse the especially messy writing here.

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