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Big Bang – Number 1 MV

October 6, 2008

Big Bang’s “Number 1” MV is out. Is it a leak? Who knows. I don’t think so though. ANYWAY, I’m slow today because I’m sick as a dog lol. Hopefully what I wrote makes sense.

It’s times like these where I have to laugh and love. Laugh: because they are such DORKS trying to be pimps. Love: because they are such DORKS trying to be pimps. LOL. TOP’s shoes are a hoot (“TOP IM RAP”). I remember when they made those. I adore the fact that they recorded this in the time when I loved everyone’s hair to death. LMFAO I love how GD spends most of the video wearing useless, decorative glasses. Love it.

I have no idea what is up! Why are there so many hussies around our men? LMAO. No, seriously, do women in clubs really act like that? Maybe if Big Bang is around. But DUDE, they are like 12! JK, but I don’t think 25 year old women would be pole-dancing like that for them. I’m just saying, if they were in their mid-twenties this video would be much more fitting. Right now… not that they should be surrounded by puppies and kittens, but the image doesn’t fit them at this moment.

But seriously, there are a few things that make this video hilariously awesome.

  • I love the song, first off. It’s so addicting. Boy I love your style, love your smile, wish that you could be only mine.
  • The girl dance group “Crazy” is all over this video. They were also in Taeyang’s “Look Only at Me” MV. I can accept that they’re in here cause I recognize them lol.
  • Aimee Lee Lucas! She is so friendly and nice; I’m glad she got a big part in this MV. Plus, she looks amazing.
  • WHO ELSE THINKS IT’S FREAKING FUNNY THAT GD WEARS LIKE 20 THINGS IN THIS? While everyone else sticks with the same kind of look, GD turns into 13 different people.
  • TOP always gets the wheels in their MVs, doesn’t he? HAHA, love it.
  • TY is all about the women here LMFAO.
  • Can I just say again how much I adore everyone’s hair? Hopefully once GD gets out of his hideous-hat phase, we’ll see a style that’s able to match his Mohican look.
  • Er… my brain is buzzing with nothingness. But I really liked this.

Big Bang – Number 1 MV (for iPod – 41 MB)

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