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G-Dragon Takes Off His Hat; YG Family Comes Together (Again)

October 7, 2008

G-Dragon's new hair

G-Dragon finally took off his hat for the Korea Singer Association Ceremony. For the past few weeks, G-Dragon hasn’t been seen without some sort of head-covering, whether it be a beanie or dead animal. Almost three weeks ago I speculated about this excessive use of hats, and now we finally have an answer.

So what do you think? I think it’s pretty decent for what COULD be done with his previous look. It kind of reminds me of a mini-version of his “Lies” era hair. I have to mention that some people are arguing (haha, hair is this important! didn’t you know?) that he simple gelled his hair down… but his head looks relatively balanced on both sides. He’ll probably continue to wear hats when he can (for now), but it doesn’t look terrible.

In other news, YG Family is collaborating for the first time in six years! YMGA (Masta Wu and Digital Master) will release their debut album on October 10th, and it will feature a track with contributions by many YG Family members (such as G-Dragon, Teddy, Kush, CL, etc). Additionally, this album will have tracks featuring Danny (1TYM), Uhm Jung Hwa, DJWreckx, Taeyang (Big Bang), and Jieun.

I’ll leave you with this: a short message Big Bang leaves on “Number 1.” TOP is a complete nerd (he even brings out sign language), which causes GD to crack up the whole time. Seungri makes an attempt to hold it together, Daesung is absent, and Taeyang talks like nothing is happening around him. LOL! I love this group.

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