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October 11, 2008

Here’s a catch-all sort of update. I am gathering together all of the half-written things I have saved on my computer and am dumping them here. They deserve more “work” (re: editing), but they’ll never get posted if I don’t do it now. First though, I’ll talk about some new things:

Clazziquai - Beat in Love YGMA - Made in ROK

What the heck? Did anyone know that there are a few Clazziquai Project items on the US iTunes? I was listening to them today and on my “genius” sidebar they said there was a new release for TODAY. They’re not new releases (it’s mostly stuff from “Beat in Love,” which came out two months ago), but I always love seeing music I actually listen to on iTunes. LOL, while we’re on the subject of Clazziquai, why doesn’t anyone complain about their English Japanese albums? You know, of course, that I don’t care. I just like making trouble.

Woot, YGMA’s “Made in R.O.K.” came out on the 10th. It’s pretty decent. It has a definitely “YG” style; I don’t know how to explain it, but anyone who has listened to YG artists before should understand what I mean. Mini-review:

Their title song, “Tell It To My Heart” featuring Uhm Jung Hwa should get some popularity. It’s probably not my favorite song in the world; Uhm Jung Hwa has a very distinct voice, to say the least. It’s not quite “cute,” but it comes near it. I still like it okay! Can’t wait to see the MV.

The song featuring YG Family and DJ Wreckx–“What”–is actually a bit of a disappointment to me. The style reminds me too much of Epik High’s “Eight By Eight,” and I don’t think anything can match the epic (no pun intended) quality of that song. There is a lot of unnecessary cursing, lol. I hate saying that, but it’s true. I think CL rocks the house though. I am so glad that YG has another (solid, straight-up) rapper in the family. Dude, she even sounds a lot like Lexy. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, just so you know. (Plus, she raps entirely in English; someone pointed out to me that she only has rapped in English in many of the things we’ve seen from her… and that surprises me.)

I definitely think the best song on the album is “Real Talk” featuring Taeyang. It’s not flashy, but it has a solid quality. And let’s face it: Taeyang’s voice melds so well with raps. As for the other songs, they’re middle-of-the-road. I know I’m being kind of harsh, but I don’t mean that this album is crap LOL. Far from it! It’s worth listening to. I think it’s probably a 6/10

Se7en, Rain, Big Bang, 2PM, and uploads

SE7EN - Them Girls Rain - Love Story

Se7en. Holy smokes, I wrote this on September 30th, and haven’t touched it since. But I can’t let this “essay” go to waste LOL;

I recently got Se7en’s English single, “(Them) Girls,” and I am not a happy woman.

I think the actually beat and melody of this song are decent. I don’t think it’s mind-blowing, but I can hear it playing in a store or something. If you haven’t noticed yet, I tend to judge American pop by whether I could hear it in a store XD

What I kind of cringe at is Se7en’s kind of obvious accent. It’s not a strong as some I’ve heard, but you can hear it in certain words (especially “girls,” which is scary cause they’re the subject of this song lol). The song is a little repetitive too. OMG, and he mentions MJ. Please. I don’t care if you like his music. That’s fine. I just don’t want you to say things like, “I’m kinda like MJ; I like ’em black or white.” KILL ME.

My personal message to this singer of this song: Se7en, the English language is not clay for your molding. FYI? Making “accessory” into “excess-surrey” is like an arrow to my heart, and I don’t mean Cupid’s arrow. While we’re talking about this song, I need to tell you: I understand that the chorus is suppose to have “cool” bad grammar, but it sounds weird: “I don’t like them girls that’s hard to get…” I can’t decide how this sentence would sound FIXED, so I think that’s why my brain fails to process it. It’s usually pretty easy to overlook this sort of thing, because the message is still clear. SURE, I’m being incredibly picky, but you’re just asking to for it.

I’m a little peeved at the “message” of the song, but I guess that’s why I generally avoid mainstream English music to begin with. No matter how great the beat is, if the lyrics are nonsensical–or in this case, rather derogatory to women–my ears want to block it out.

I guess I can allow myself to be critical of Se7en because I’m not an ultra huge fan. I like his music, sure. I guess my main “beef” with him is that he doesn’t have very many unique songs. But I think he has a good voice, and I feel he has the potential to make it here in the US. I know though, we are very critical people. I’m not saying that’s a good thing, but it’s true for the most part.

Rain. The way this song was set up in my iTunes, it ran right into the into the song/intro “Rain’s World” after it finished. I have say I couldn’t tell a difference between his English. Rain’s fourth album “Rain’s World” came out in 2006, when he was still under JYP. The into is full of… well, weird English: “Yo. I’m back. Once again. It’s Rain. Welcome. To the Rain’ world. It’s my world.” I know it’s hard to compare that with something on the other side of hours of English-learning; Rain’s been putting tremendous effort into this single. “*Sigh* Hey. This is my story. It’s true. *Sigh* Okay, listen.” The only reason I am picking on him for this is because he DIDN’T HAVE TO USE IT.

Rain is constantly frustrating me with his (sorry to say it) arrogance about his “world” popularity. He thinks that simply because he made into a few American movies, he doesn’t have to work anymore. Alright, maybe he doesn’t think that, but that’s exactly the impression he gives. I’d be much more accepting of him if he was more humble about his efforts, not “yeah, I’ve made it.”

I like the music though. It’s a little boring, but there’s nothing to really pick on. I think Rain’s a pretty good guy; I just hope he tones things down. But… the fact that he’s releasing this song in four languages makes me feel irritated. I’m sure you’ve probably heard this phrase sometime in your life: “Jack of all trades, master of none.” I think Rain should master what he’s involved with before trying to become Superman.

Big Bang - Number 1 2PM - 10 out of 10

I guess Big Bang released “Number 1” as a digital single, which frankly relieves the heck out me because I have like ten different variations of audio rips on my iTunes… and none of them compare to this. Exciting! I still love this song to death. I hope the rest of their album is comparable! I almost hate Big Bang for making me look forward to the end of the month, because I simply have too much to do between now and then.

I uploaded 2PM’s “10 out of 10” MV for iPod because I still find it hilarious. Plus, I think the dancing is ace. I love watching live performances of it. I usually don’t find things like this funny, but it’s probably okay to me because the song is catchy as heck, and the boys are cute.

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