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Big Bang’s Next Mini-Album, Uhm Jung Hwa, etc.

October 14, 2008

First thing first: news.

Big Bang’s next Korean project will not be a full-length album, as we were previously led to believe. It’s going to be another mini-album! Sigh, but who can complain? Even though I don’t know the number of tracks it will hold, I’ll bet if you combine it with “Stand Up,” it would make enough for one full album. And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have my music sooner rather than later. I am not a patient person.

Anyway, this mini’s title track will be a remake. I KNOW! I am so surprised. But we were given the artist and title, so there’s time to speculate and wonder how they’re going to rearrange and add raps and all that good stuff. The song is “붉은 노을” (“Red Sunset”) by Lee Moon-Se. Check out the original! I can totally imagine Big Bang using this song lol. Thanks to gypsy_sonata@lj and sookyeong@wordpress for the information.

Secondly: Uhm Jung Hwa. She’s featured in the MV for YGMA’s “Tell It To My Heart,” and I must tell you: the woman looks freaking amazing. If I didn’t know she was almost 40 (well, she’s 37 in non-Korean years), I would have thought she was in her twenties. That’s really all I want to mention about the MV lol.

Okay, the third thing: Big Bang! Haha, I made a random video of them. The song is “Number 1,” by Big Bang (of course). I am a hopeless fan, what can I say?

Lastly, I uploaded Big Bang’s “No No No” no-smoking campaign video (for iPod, because you can find the other one other places), along with my own rip of the song (it fades out! lol). Has anyone noticed that even though all of Big Bang acts in the video, G-Dragon is the only one singing/rapping in the song? It’s hilarious. I didn’t realize until like… three watches.

Big Bang – No No No [SBS Inkigayo 080907]

Big Bang – No No No [SBS Inkigayo 080907] (for iPod)

HANG ON. Fifthly: (Livejournal specific news)
THANK YOU FOR 125 MEMBERS AND 150 WATCHERS! I need to do another celebratory post. Bless those numbers. They can be multiplied by 25.

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