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October 15, 2008

Big Bang

YG simply likes to confuse the heck out of people like me. But in this case, it’s actually a good thing. I think. Yang Hyun Seok updated everyone on YG Family news recently. I haven’t seen the full translation, but there is some information out there that interests me.

First of all, Big Bang is coming out with a full-length album. So basically erase everything I said in my last post. The so-far untitled album will be released some time in November, and will have ten or more tracks. Here’s what YHS says about this album:

“We have already confirmed the title song to the new album which we see will be liked by music lovers from the teens to the 40s. Even though we still cannot reveal more about the album to the public, but it will be a song that will give hope to everyone who has been troubled by the various problems lately like economy-related etc.”

Source: sookyeong.wordpress

Phew, Big Bang is made up of a bunch of busy bees. Lucky for us, sucky for them.

Secondly, YG’s new female group will debut in February. Here’s some information for you:

YG Entertainment is preparing to reveal their new female group next February.

It was announced on 14th October, “After Swi.t, YG Ent’s new female group will debut in February next year.”

The group will consist of the company’s Park Bom, CL, Gong Min Ji and Sandra Park. The group was hailed as the ‘female Big Bang’ by fans after news about the group was announced earlier.

Yang Hyun Seok also said, “The final decision is that they will debut next February after sorting out the various preparations for their debut. This new female group will consist of at least 4 member, if not 5, though we have not come to a final decision on that yet. But we are confident that they will be a strong group which will display a different type of charisma for fans.”


OMG, exciting. February is farther away than I’d like, but I don’t care. February is such a blasé month anyway; we need something to spice it up. I’m not surprised to hear that Sandara Park has been added officially, but I am surprised to find out that there is another possible member. I wonder who that is?

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