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Rain, BoA, and Se7en

October 19, 2008

What…? No really. WHAT? I’m not exactly a fan of Rain, but I don’t hate him either. I just feel kind of strange after seeing him perform “Rainism” on Inkigayo. The song was so deflated 😦 Rain is pretty decent looking, but he just looked like a redheaded alien in this. I mean no disrespect, but seriousy: the guy can definitely do better. If you watch the video, it definitely has more “spark” (but LMFAO at all the non-Asians petting him… WTF haha!). But enough about Rain. Did anyone get a load of his dancers? HAHA, WHAT ON EARTH? One had pony-tails, one had an eye patch… LMAO. Anyway, I have to say… no matter the quality of the performances he’s given lately, I’m enjoying seeing Rain in Korea. I really only (faithfully) keep up with K-entertainment, so I love seeing performers in their element. It’s pretty epic. (Still, I like “Love Story” more than this song; although the video was really wtf.)

I thought I’d give you more opinion on BoA’s Korean MV for “Eat You Up.” It looks way shinier on my computer in HQ lol. I love my phone, but video quality is sketchy. I think it was put together really well. I love her awesome clothes! They’re not feminine, but they aren’t masculine either. After seeing both her and G-Dragon rock that hoodie, I feel like I could possibly need it in my wardrobe. Too bad I’m broke! LOL! The song, if nothing else, is catchy. I am definitely going to get myself to fork over the 99 cents I’ll need for it whenever it’s actually coming out (in a few days? I don’t know anymore).

Oh, and I am so rounding out this post by talking about our other hopeful American debut-ee: Se7en. Another of his English songs out, and this one is called “Your Number.” I’m so sad! It doesn’t match up to “Them Girls” at all, which disappoints me… because “Them Girls” disappointed me. It’s not terrible, but I really want the old Se7en back. I actually love listening to his Korean songs, and I feel like these are not matching up. Sigh. I’m not giving up on him yet. Se7en has a lot of style and class, so I think he can break through this “tough” time lol. Somehow.

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