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SBS Drama “Master of Study” to Star Park Yejin and Lee Hong-Gi

October 19, 2008

Park Yejin; Lee Hong-Gi
Park Yejin Lee Hong-gi

Freaking awesome! Actress Park Ye Jin (she’s great on Family Outing!) and FT Island’s Lee Hong-Gi will be together in a drama this December. The drama is put on by SBS, and it’s called “Master of Study.” The coolest part to me is that it’s going to be based on the Japanese manga Dragon Zakura. Apparently, this version will be a lot different from the original, but that’s still cool with me. Here’s more information from Coolsmurf:

“Master of Study” is adapted from a popular Japanese manga “Dragon Zakura” and revolves around 6 students with the worst grades in a special class. Many interesting stories happen along the way as they take on the challenge of getting into the prestigious Seoul University with hilarious results.

Park Ye Jin plays an English teacher who is easily moved (emotional) while Lee Hong Gi plays a student who has dreams of becoming a singer. Other students already casted include Byeol Kim who is a bully initially but later becomes a cheerful maths genius. Hwang Baek Hyun plays a rebellious student while singer Rich is a student who looks mature on the outside but is actually very humorous. Three other roles hasn’t been casted yet and among them is a maths teacher who is very popular but has a mysterious background.

According to the drama PD, “Although we are unable to keep totally to the original storyline in the manga, but we will seek inspiration from the Japanese manga and drama adapation and try our best to produce a good drama.” “Master of Study” will begin filming at the end of this month.

Source: coolsmurf

Yayz, a new drama to look forward to! There are like five hundred million different school dramas in Japan, but I have seen less of the Korean classroom. Can’t wait for this. Plus, I thought the Japanese drama version of this was pretty interesting. This sounds way different, but the idea is what made it fun. Haven’t seen Lee Hong-Gi in anything yet, so I don’t know anything about his skillz. I haven’t seen Lee Yejin in anything either, but she makes me happy… so this is an irrelevant fact. Incidentally, the two of them have appeared together on Family Outing before. Haven’t seen that one yet (I’m criminally behind), but now I want to more than ever. Yejin is fierce; you only have to watch one FO episode to know it!

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