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Epik High + Kara?

October 20, 2008

I’m sure some people have already seen this from ALLKPOP, but this is honestly right up my alley. SO. I’m not about to let it go by without saying something!

What is it? It’s Epik High (specifically Tablo and DJ Tukutz) noraebang’ing it up to Kara’s “Rock U”! But what makes this extremely watchable is the fact that someone matched Epik High’s vocals to the original Kara MV. I literally cannot stop myself from watching this LMAO. “ROCK YO BODY I SAY!” Dfdsfljdjf. I love Epik High LOL. I crack up every time DJ Tukutz starts singing and Tablo eggs him on: “PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY!”

The music is not my taste, but just like I thought it would be… it’s the type of song to get caught in your head. I have been avoiding it forever for this reason LOL. But I have stumbled upon some Kara things since I’ve seen/heard “Rock U,” and they’re actually a pretty cute group (albeit a little young for the most part). They don’t have the voices of SNSD, or the virus-like addiction quality of Wonder Girls, but they’re kind of fun? IDK lol (and props to them for loving Big Bang XD). I love K-Pop in that sometimes talent is irrelevant. Fandom tends to be too much fun to take things seriously. I don’t mean that weirdly. I’m just saying… a song doesn’t have to be an award winner to win your heart.

You can check out the original “Rock U” here if you so desire.

Kara – Rock U

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