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Review: Big Bang – Number 1

October 21, 2008

I have to admit it: the track “Number 1” gave me some high expectations for this album. And I was disappointed. But when I started listening for the second time, I realized that I should have had my “normal” take of Big Bang’s English albums. I usually just relax and take them for what they are. So, life is much more enjoyable when that happens.

Big Bang - Number 1

If I had to rate English skills, it would go like this:

  1. G-Dragon: He has an accent, but he’s pretty good about pronouncing (generally).
  2. Taeyang: He is almost always saying things a little strangely, but he carries a huge amount of the singing… so it’s understandable. I’d give him a B or something, especially for all that effort.
  3. Daesung: It’s almost a tie between him and Seungri, but I think he’s improved so much from before… that he deserves a higher placement lol.
  4. Seungri: He’s never perfect (and he doesn’t get many lines. Have you noticed?), but he’s not bad!
  5. TOP: Poor TOPpie needs to practice on his English. I have trouble understanding him sometimes. And when I can understand him, he just sounds weird 😦 *pats*


Aside from “Number 1,” I feel like they kind of half-assed things. I don’t even just mean with pronunciation; their vocals tend to sound stretched and don’t have the right quality. Not to mention they reused a ton of songs from their previous Japanese releases. But I can’t fully complain about getting new music, even if it is disappointing. I honestly don’t know how they do so much!

  1. Intro: LOL, you should have seen my face when I first heard this. It’s a weird intro for them. It doesn’t sound terrible, but hearing GD say, “Ooh, child,” kind of makes me want to faint from fright. The music sounds hollow.
  2. Number 1: Do I even need to talk about this song? I think it’s fantastic. The lyrics are simple, but “effective.”
  3. Make Love: It’s weird! Even the way this song starts is different. There is an acoustic guitar background chord (?) or something. I previewed this song the other day, so I already knew what to expect from it. After listening to all of “Number 1,” I feel like this is a pretty decent track. The lyrics are so cheesy, but the sound is good. I frickin’ love the original, so I guess I have a lot of tolerance for “issues” with it. But weirdly enough, I hate GD’s part. His voice clashes with the sound of the song. LOL, I want to like… apologize for thinking this because everyone should know by now that I love GD to pieces. But listen, and tell me if you disagree. I hate it how he says “make love” LOL sorry!
  4. Come Be My Lady: This song wasn’t as cool as I was hoping, but right now it’s seriously growing on me. I like the beat. The lyrics are kind of “lol,” but it’s pretty catchy in general. This is one of those songs that sounds a little weak vocal-wise though. It’s like they sang everything in one take and called it a day. It has the potential for so much more! D:
  5. Haru Haru: When I was first listening to this album, I think I breathed a literal sigh of relief when I heard GD whisper “떠나가” (tonaga). I kept picturing the adulteration of this song, especially by TOP lol. I love these boys to death, but they should lay off complicated English for a while longer.
  6. With U: Still like this song. I don’t even know why I’m bothering to comment on it lol, but whatever. Their English is sketchy, but it’s better than it is in a lot of songs. The rap is dopeee. Cheesy, but dope.
  7. How Gee: When I hear this song, I have to realize how far Big Bang has come with English. I remember wanting to like… destroy my ears when I first heard this song. That didn’t stop me from learning all the lyrics to it XD “Been an MC since my first Sony / Rock many and plenty, they wanna know me / I fit the character, you(‘re) a cubic zirconi(a) / Fall back, let my people react, we in the zone YEH!” lolol
  8. Baby Baby: Memory lane!!! I got so freaking pissed when I first heard this version. I kind of feel like that was just yesterday, wtf. Time passes so quickly! Now… I feel fine with the song. I kind of heart it when GD makes up words and says, “unfadable GD stun ’em!” lol
  9. So Beautiful: Love the raps in this song. They’re weird, but I always feel sad when they don’t show up in the original.
  10. Remember: This song is so wtf to me. I like it, but wtf? It sounds like a mix of like… Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. DON’T DISAGREE WITH ME, BECAUSE IT DOES! Lol! I find myself drawn to it, but it’s so far from what Big Bang normally does. And laughslaughslaughs, the lyrics are so amusing. “Remember when we fought for each other, and all we cared about was our love,” ??? AND THEN THEY LIKE… TALK ABOUT GOING TO BED LMAO
  11. Heaven: I really think they could have at least put an English chorus in these songs, but I don’t know if I’m complaining either. They just seem like fillers when they’re in Korean. I love them in Korean, but I think you get me.
  12. Everything: This song confuses me as much as “Remember.” What group is performing this song? This so different from what Big Bang usually does. I kind of have trouble figuring out what the heck they’re saying too (GD doesn’t even bother to say “life.” He just says, “li'” lol) . Blah blah blah. The singing is just mediocre. “Just want your body on my body body” ?!?!?! What LMAO? But these things aside, I guess the song isn’t horrible. It just feels like one of those B-side that you’re like, “OH, that’s why they didn’t put this one on the album,” about.
  13. Always: Ahh, “Always.” I’ve always thought that this remake turned out pretty okay. Like always, the lyrics are so-so, but it’s not a pain to listen to.
  14. Candle: What a relief to not have any more English XD Never thought I would say that. Even though I don’t speak Japanese, I’ve heard enough to tell they have accents. Still, it’s not as in-your-face because… it’s not my language. I think it’s cool that they made some effort to do Japanese. No Japanese raps, but you can’t have the world.

Overall, I felt like this was a pretty weak album. Cries! I hate saying that, but it’s how I feel. I think the title track, “Number 1,” is a gem, but many of the other songs are lacking. “Come Be My Lady” is decent, but it has some issues it needs to work out. Perry definitely needs to win an award for writing some of the strangest lyrics in the history of the world. He did the intro and “Everything” by himself, and those songs simply blow my mind with strangeness lol. But whatever. I’m not “devastated,” but I was hoping for a little more. Oh well! I am just going to turn my attention to their next Korean album, which is the main event, people.

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