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1 Minute, 28 Seconds of “Epik” Hilarity

October 25, 2008

I have to love when I can complete pimp out my titles with puns, lol.

Tablo, Tukutz
Tablo of Epik High DJ Tukutz of Epik High

Put Epik High’s Tablo and (DJ) Tukutz together and I think you will always get a lot of laughs. On Tablo’s radio show, “Tablo’s Dream Radio,” Tablo “teaches” Tukutz English. It’s so funny!

Listen here!

What I think is really hilarious is hearing Tablo go in and out of Korean and English. Sometimes it seems like he has a bit of an accept, but then you can hear him speak SO clearly (barely any trace of an accent). I guess I’m just fascinated with Tablo’s experience with English lol. But basically, from what it sounds like, Tablo just uses whatever words that come to his head. “Face” seems to come to his mind a lot lol.

Lol forced NY/NJ accent?
Tablo: I KILL you!
Tukutz: I KILL yew!
Tablo: Get away from my sista!


Tablo: ? and your wife.

Tablo: Look whose talking. “Look”, talking crap.


I love this one!
Tablo: I am the CEO (Tukutz: CEO…) of SM Entertainment (Tukutz: SM Entertainment… wow).

Tablo: My name is Hugh Grant. [LMAO]

Tablo: Why am I so hot?!

Tablo: I’m still here.
Tukutz: I’m still here.
Tablo: Why are you rushing me, MAH MAN?

Tablo: I feel like your FACE!

Tablo: I’m inside your eye.
Tukutz: (Korean) Yeah…
Tablo: I’m innocent.

Tablo: Stop eating, you PIG.

LOL Tablo trying to sound smart below. Not that he isn’t smart, but here he scrambles to think of something that sounds “technical.”
Tablo: Ah, what I think about this particular matter is that the synthesis of part A and part B is not is not coming together properly.

A phrase that can be used over and over!
Tablo: Your armpit smells like… ATOMIC BOMB.

Tukutz: (Singing) Tell me that you love me, cannot understand that you’re never mine [? lol]… (garbled singing) *chomping sound*.

Tablo: Give me some IRON.

Tablo: Tukutz’s face calls for a punch.

Tablo: Look at your FACE!

Tablo: My daughter drinks the water…

LMAO, this part is honestly so confusing, but it’s funny.
Tablo: If you open your mouth again and talk about video games—again—uh, I’m going to—probably going to… how my mind is probably going to fly away to… er… ANDROMEDA (Tukutz: *laughing*), so you… better, uh, be quiet and lay your computer game… greed, to rest. I’ll beat you with my toes, stupid.
Both: HEY, SHUT UP!!!

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