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SHINee, Clazziquai, BoA

October 27, 2008

Check out SHINee performing their debut-album repackage single “A.MI.GO/Amigo” on SBS Inkigayo. I really love this song! It reminds me of a lot of other SM hits, such as DBSK’s “‘O’ Jung.Ban.Hap” (lol even the name is in the same style), BoA’s “Girl’s on Top,” or Super Junior’s “A Man in Love.” There are a lot of other songs to compare it to; those are just a few. I don’t think that matters though. I love this style of song every once in a while. The SHINee boys completely rock it, by the way.

SHINee is definitely my favorite “rookie” group of this year. I was pretty doubtful at first, but after a few listens of “Noona Nomu Yeppo (Replay)” I fell in love with them. I don’t think SM Entertainment farts greatness (although I do, generally, adore SM products), so you have to allow me my initial skepticism. What I love (most) about SHINee is their TALENT. With idol stars, image is king and talent can be superfluous. They are young and adorable, yet they can kill almost any song and dance really well.

Moving on, I have been listening to Clazziquai’s “Metrotronics” a lot ever since it came out on the 24th. My favorite song from their newest mini-album (which has only five new songs out of its eight tracks) is definitely their single, “Flea.” The video is completely ace. It’s a little “scary,” but in a fun way. I’m too lazy to look up the details, but I think this album came out for the PSP video game, DJ Max Portable Clazziquai Edition. I don’t know what that means exactly, but I do know that’s why their is excessive PSP-pimpage in the MV. But you really have to watch it, because it over flows with prettiness (I think Alex wins in this department for me, but Horan looks stunning as well).

Oh, I just wanted to mention some fabulous news: SM decided to ditch the American version of BoA’s “Eat You Up” MV. WOOT! They’re just going to stick with the Asian version for everywhere. Dreams DO come true!!! Lol! Do you want to know why? It seems like its a possibility that SM took all of the negative feedback on the internet to heart (thank GOODNESS). I guess this is speculation, but what is pretty sure is that SM is not going to be showing that craptastic Diane Martel-directed MV to anyone else.

Clazziquai – Flea

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