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Editorial: Big Bang and Changes

November 1, 2008

Editorial/Fangirltorial - Big Bang

I’ve had a rant boiling up in me for maybe… six months? I have only made an attempt to talk about it now. The turning point that actually made “words come out” was Big Bang’s “Remember” teaser. They are getting some comments about it, like: “They are selling out,” or, “This is pathetic,” or, “The music sounds like garbage,” etc. I may not be one of their craziest fans, but I do have a sense of loyalty. However, I’m not the type to stick with something when it turns completely sour. And Big Bang has not soured at all in my opinion. I feel that Big Bang has simply evolved as time has passed. The group’s music, style, and future are all subject to a little thing called “change,” so casual-listeners and fans alike should get over it. Prepare to be subjected to some harsh (for me) criticism if you continue to read.

I don’t know why people get mad when groups evolve. Uh, isn’t that the process of life? I’ve heard who-knows-how-many-people say, “Big Bang needs to go back to their debut sound,” and I think that is a really ignorant statement, sorry to say. I personally get annoyed when groups force themselves to stay with their original sound. It happen so often with American music; that’s why so many groups break up, and a big reason people make solo albums. “Sameness” may be comfortable for fans, but it’s boring as heck. I don’t know how I feel about Big Bang’s future sound, but I’m glad they’re not stagnant. I will always have my beloved “Hot Issue” to listen to (my favorite album, FYI; the same could go for yours), so if I don’t get a carbon-copy… I don’t care. I am not trying to sound harsh, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. And I don’t know how Big Bang is selling out to pop? They’ve always been an idol group, whether anyone likes it or not. I think a lot of people try to fool themselves into thinking that Big Bang was, at some point, some kind of underground force of all that is holy in the world of music. Actually, Big Bang had mild popularity in their debut days, and only skyrocketed when their very un-hip-hop “Lies” came out. I know most fans know this, but how are they selling out now? Tell me! They probably sold out then, if at all. I frickin’ love Big Bang. So I’m not saying this out of spite for them. I hate being offensive, but I’m tired of whiny “so-called” fans who bash them for doing anything different.

Also, what is the big deal about Big Bang’s style? I have always loved how innovative they are. Their debut look was fugly, okay? LOL, I am in a pissy mood, so I’m definitely being harsh, but I felt no interest in Big Bang when I first saw them because they had that hideous wannabe hip-hop look. I started feeling curious when they actually started looking pulled together. Is that so wrong? I like me some aesthetics. And going back to the “evolution” thing, it’s completely normal to not stay the same when it comes to style. In fact, if a person is interested in fashion at all, it’s important to update as often as possible. I have to agree with most that G-Dragon has made some “fail” choices recently, but I love his creativity at the same time.

So, I think as far as the future of Big Bang goes… we should expect change. I’m sure people are going to find ways to be angry about them doing ANYTHING, whether it’s moving forward, staying the same, or going back to their roots. That’s why I think it’s best for fans to stay open minded. If I look back in my personal music history, I had to deal with a heck of a lot of groups who decided to change their sound mid-way through their careers, and while it sometimes disappointed me, I can see NOW that the groups grew through those experimental stages. I know Big Bang is more “commercial” than the people I used to listen to (*raises hand* former indie obsessive here), but I think the idea still applies. While Big Bang DOES have the controlling factor of a company that’s making a lot of their decisions, I think they still have to go through these processes whether it’s the group-members’ decision or not.

I guess this rant is pretty messy and I don’t even know exactly who or what it’s aimed at. I think it was born out of frustration with several ideas people have been espousing as of late. And the “Remember” teaser has brought an influx of opinions that have rubbed me the wrong way. I understand that everyone has their own opinions, but I’m tired of all the negativity. I am fine with people saying, “I am disappointed in the new sound,” but I get annoyed by comments like: “I hate Big Bang for this and on top of that they are ugly as sin.” -_______________- lol. So, I hope I cause some thought, if I cause anything at all by writing this. I don’t want to offend anyone. I just want to get my thoughts out there. Music, style, etc… they’re all subject to evolution and change. And I’m glad Big Bang is apart of that change.

As a note, I call this an editorial because it’s more premeditative than many of my opinion pieces. I usually rant or gush on a whim, so I will only use this term for “srs biz” articles such as this. I made a tag for it.

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