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This and That: SHINee (A.MI.GO MV), Epik High, “Four Seasons” Drama, Big Bang

November 3, 2008

I’m going to partition everything into sections for easier reading.

  • The MV for SHINee’s “A.MI.GO” is out! And I must say: I like it.

    These guys are honestly way too polished for their ages, but who even cares. Am I the only one who is shocked at how much older they look in just six months? They looked so newb-ish when they first debuted, but they’re already looking more mature, and it shows in their performances as well.

    Onew’s new hair makes him look even younger and “softer” than he already is, but it’s fitting. I love watching him in “action” because he is such an adorable dork (I am tempted to say “adorkable,” but I try to avoid such words lol). I don’t like Jonghyun’s hair quite as much as I previously did, but it doesn’t do anything to detract from his charismatic look (he is nicknamed “Bling Bling” for reason). I’m not surprised they picked Minho to act in the video, because the poor guy gets the minimal amount of lines, doesn’t he? I mean, Key kills at both singing and rapping (he stands out so much in this song!), but his rapping does make it so Minho has like .2 words in all of their songs XD Flaming charisma~ I think that’s what the girl touched/stole HAHA (by the way, the girl is an 15-year-old SM trainee by the name of Kim Yejin). And lastly, TAEMIN! Guh, cutest 15 year old I know of! I love how freaking innocent he looks, no matter the situation. He can be dancing his butt off, and still look like a little lamb.

    Curses, did anyone know that Key made a cameo appearance in the Super Junior movie (Attack on the Pinup Boys)? Now I have to watch it again lol (even though I’ve already seen the screen cap evidence, which shows that SNSD’s Yuri was also an extra). And I will be eternally amused that his real name is “Kim Kibum.” HAHA, don’t get me wrong; the SuJu movie is crack, but I am not a movie person.

    Anyway, as a final note on “A.MI.GO,” I love the choreography. It joins the leagues of songs that because ten times more amazing once there are steps put to it. A few other songs that have won my heart through dances (or won my heart MORE) are: Taeyang – Look Only at Me, Dong Bang Shin Ki – Mirotic, Big Bang – Last Farewell, Wonder Girls – So Hot (no idea why I like this, actually *shrug*), plus like 2923432 more. Sometimes the dance is what makes the song phenomenal. I don’t even know WHY.

  • Check this out. I was doing my boring reading for school, and I came across this:

    Over the centuries, the ancient hero-god Mithra, who had appeared as a judge in the Zoroastrian Judgment ceremony (a Last Judgement would consign the wicked to everlasting darkness, while the good would live eternally in an abode of luxury and light), came to play a major part in this Persian belief system. Associated with the forces of Light and the Good, Mithra’s slaughter of the Sacred Bull, one of many heroic “labors,” was thought to render the earth fertile. By their personal attachment to Mithra, his devotees looked forward to spiritual well-being and everlasting life.

    I never thought about where Mithra Jin from Epik High might have gotten his stage name, and I wonder if “Mirtha” from Zoroastrianism/Mithraism is the source.

    Also: This won’t have any relevance to anyone exactly, but I was looking at the Epik High website and there is a little pop-up that advertises a show they’re having. I thought the title was cute. It’s something like, “Tablo-Got-the-Date-Wrong Christmas Party” lol, because it’s for Christmas, and it’s behind held a month early (November 21). It’s also known as an “pre-Christmas” gift for fans. Incidentally, the concert’s special guests include TBNY, Buga Kingz, and 스윙 브가어스 (which is Swing + some Hangulized Roman word I can’t decipher).

  • Rain and Jun Ji Hyun are set to star together in a big-budget drama titled “Four Seasons.” According to POPSEOUL, this drama is going to be about “a war correspondent (Jun) and an adopted child (Rain) who later becomes a mercenary for France.” The article says nothing about character roles, but let me make some inferences: Rain will play a cocky guy who may seem abusive for the greater part of the drama, but he really has a soft heart that he can only hide for fifteen and a half episodes. Jun Ji Hyun will have a more or less mean and rude personality, but it’s only because she can’t express herself any other way. LOL, I’m kidding, but I have seen these poor actors get these kinds of roles again and again. This drama doesn’t sound like my cup of tea, but whatever. I’m sure it will do well, regardless.
  • AFLjdslfd I am so excited that I will be able to listen to Big Bang’s new album tomorrow. *Waits* While we’re on the subject of Big Bang, happy birthday, Top-sshi! Come to the U.S. next month and we can out for a drink together L-O-L.

Oh, and if anyone is interested, I updated my icon journal with some new icons. I don’t care if people use these here on LJ, on forums, or whatever. They’re mostly K-Pop related, lol. 27 Big Bang icons here


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