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Big Bang: Reviews for “Sunset Glow” MV and “Remember”

November 5, 2008

AH, okay. SO. Big Bang extravaganza! I watched Big Bang’s “Sunset Glow” MV before I heard anything from the CD, simply because that’s what came online first. AHH, so excited. And then, I went off to pay attention to U.S. election stuff because… I felt it was my duty as a citizen, har har. Anyway, I’m going to blab about the video first (which is so happy, omgomg).

“Sunset Glow MV” review, “Remember” album review, and music/video uploads

‘Sunset Glow’ MV by Big Bang

What’s exciting to me about this video is that I HAVE YET TO HEAR THE SONG YET AND I’M FREAKING WATCHING THE VIDEO.

Thoughts after a few watches omg:

The beginning was surprisingly comical! It reminded me of “Dirty Cash,” initially. Freaking adorable from the first second, am I right? DAESUNG, I love you! And I adore them for shouting out to Lee Moonsae straight off the bat. UM, and lollipops? LOL, I love these guys more and more.

GD is skinny as a stick, sheesh haha. Oh, was anyone surprised to find out that TOP was driving the bus? Because I wasn’t. He is our number 1 driver in MVs lol. MMM yeah, this is possibly my new favorite Big Bang song. Well, it’s too soon to tell, but I love it already. You can definitely hear the undertones of the original in the chorus, but it’s so fresh!

SHOCKER moment of the MV? Taeyang jumping on the metaphorical fur-hat train! I mistook his fur-beclad head to be GD’s at first, but no! It is the group’s shorty. HAHA, he rocks it though, wouldn’t you say?

I freaking love the theme of the video. It’s so happy to see Big Bang cheerfully rounding up people from all over to head to Taean beach, and then to see them enjoy the beach and the town… UGH, lovelovelove.

As for the music… OMG, I know I said it before, but I’ll say it again: I like this song a lot. They really revamped Lee Moonsae’s original song into a Big Bang classic. It definitely has a different feel from Big Bang’s normal… but then again, what is Big Bang’s “normal”? The beat is really good, but the bursting-with-hope mood is what really makes it.

UGH, the combination of song and MV = complete happiness. Am I the only one feeling this? It’s so cheerful and happy and I love it.

Hmm, so it’s 12:06 am and I haven’t listened to the album yet. But, you know? I can stand to “waste” my hour on this. I must pay close attention to every song, because you should know by now that this is the way I like to do things I’ve anticipated. I didn’t do this for the “Number 1” album, and I’m still not sold on it. Correlation? Probably not, but whatever.

So, I must put in my beloved “initial thoughts” review for Big Bang’s “Remember” album. First listens = what I cherish, for whatever reason. I love looking back and seeing whether or not I liked a song at first, what stuck out the most, etc. If you’re interested, you can see me talk nonsense, track-by-track. LOL!

Big Bang - Remember

Okay okay. I have just realized all of the things I am randomly excited about in relation to this album: I can’t wait to find out what the over all “feel” of it is. It’s going to have a distinct style, but what will it be? Also, how will the remixes sound? I love all of the new versions of the songs they’re remixing or acoustic’ing or whatever. Hmm, and I want to find out if “Until Whenever” is on here. If not, I will be confused and wonder WHY and have to listen to that bootleg until my heart is content, because I have been refraining for months on end. I love that song, so I really want a clear version. I am curious to find out how Baby’s solo is going to turn out. Mmm, OH, is “Remember” going to been in Korean or English? What will the new songs sound like? These are burning questions! Let’s find out!

  1. INTRO – 모두 다 소리쳐 [Everybody Scream] sdfasdjflksdj HOW CAN I EXPRESS MY EXCITEMENT? I wish it was earlier so I was a little more chipper (I am a napper, and I did not get a nap today), but what can I say? This makes me happy anyway. I usually love Big Bang’s intros, so I’m eagerly anticipating this one.

    TURN-TABLES LOLLERSKATES! …………….. *melts* This sounds beyond amazing. I love it already. Does that break the rules? Am I allowed to love them more than I already do in just 40 seconds? sdLFdslkfsjd This makes me crazy hyped for the rest of the album.

  2. 오, 아, 오 [Oh, Ah, Oh] LMFAO it sounds like a car video game. SLKDfjdl LOL now it kind of reminds me of like…. DDR, but whatevs. I eat this kind of thing up. DUDE, I would love to hear this in HQ, but I kept myself from it because I want to wait until I get the album myself. aldkfjdslfsdjfljds UGH, the bridge+chorus = heaven. I think they sound brilliant.

    I know some people are going to be pissed about this song (I can just sense it), but I think it’s fresh and awesome. I don’t care about the vocoder either. It’s not being abused like in Taeyang’s “Prayer” (lol, although I’m so over that; I love “Prayer” to bits, just how it is). HMM, this is definitely a song to blast in the car. It also might want to my new ringtone.


  3. 뷹은 노을 [Sunset Glow] UGH, I’ve already talked about this song (see MV review) but I can’t say it enough: I heart this song. It like… pukes rainbows, but in a good way. If that makes sense. You honestly can’t be having a bad day while listening to this; I should know. I have been having a crappy day (for the most part). I think everyone stands out fabulously in this song. IDK. It just sounds like a crazy amount of awesome that’s been smashed together and put in song form. I am being excessive, but that’s just how I feel like being right now. I am so happy this song has exceeded my expectations. I hope other people like it too, and won’t condemn it for any reason 😦
  4. 반짝반짝 [Sparkling, Sparkling] MMMK, I like this song too! This album is already seeming like a weird 180 from “Stand Up.” I can’t believe it’s been three months since I last wrote about “Stand Up,” actually. I think the feeling I’m getting from the songs so far is that it’s HAPPY and UPBEAT and something you want to listen to to lift your spirits. I think that’s what they were going for, from everything I’ve read.

    Okay, I’ve been thinking about it, and isn’t it strange that they came out with so much in these past few months? It blows my mind, almost literally (I want to say literally, but… lol).

    ANYWAY, I can’t believe this song is going by and I’m not saying anything about it, exactly. It’s not as “shiny” to me as their previous tracks (in the album, not in general), but it’s phenomenal. I am attracted to it, for serious. When I even stop for a second to compare the quality of these songs to those found in “Number 1,” I want to go crazy. I remember feeling pretty disappointed in “Number 1” because it seemed like they didn’t put much effort into it, and hearing this now… it’s true. You KNOW it’s true. Or, it’s more like YG didn’t put enough into it, because I don’t think Big Bang has much to do with that.

    I mean, even this song that doesn’t stand out as good or bad (although I know I’m going to love it… forever, basically) is way better than like, “Everything,” which has grown on me.

  5. Strong Baby (승리/Seungri Solo) LOL the start of this song is sooo funny. It’s all horn-based. What? GD introducing, haha.

    UHHH, this is SOOOOOO UNEXPECTED OMG. It’s very Justin Timberlake, which doesn’t surprised me (because SR loves him haha), but it’s not a ballad OMG. For some reason I thought it was going to be more like his last solo.

    I FREAKING LOVE IT THOUGH. IT’S JUST THE KIND OF THING I LOVE. The beat it lsdfsldfjl and Seungri sounds SO good. “I’m grown up” lollllllllllllllllll. MAKNAE, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE BABY TO ME! There are only three years between us, but it’s enough.

    But like. I will listen to this song on repeat sometime in the near future. I freaking love GD’s contributions to this. AND OMG, A “LET’S DANCE” INTERLUDE? I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HIM PERFORM TO THIS SONG! UGH, people who are critical of this boy… I really hope this lightens their opinion of him. But who knows.

  6. Wonderful UM. What on earth does this remind me of? “Heaven,” maybe? I like it, but I am getting a major case of deja vu.

    I am a huge fan of upbeat tracks, but I’m sincerely surprised we haven’t had a “down” moment in this album yet. Usually things are broken up by softer and slower songs; it’s the way of albums, if you haven’t noticed XD LOL (I’m only sort of kidding). I get so bored of ballads, but hmm. This really is a go-go-go album.

    But the song? I really really like it. I feel a little dazzled by all of the synth and beats that have been continuously thrown at me, but I can’t see anything to dislike about it. WOW, I have so much ahead of me! I get to listen to these songs with more thought later. I am so excited!

  7. 멍청한 사랑 [Foolish Love] I have a feeling this is not “Until Whenever,” haha… It’s not. WHERE IS THAT SONG? But we finally got our “down” in the album. In a good way. I was definitely ready for a slower song, and this IS slower… but it’s not boringly slow.

    Thank you, YB, for using a series of Korean words I can understand ❤ lol. I love it when that happens.

    Basically love this song. And I’ve decided we need more words for “love” in the English language, because I’m seriously overworking it.

  8. 하루 하루 (Acoustic Version) [Haru Haru/Day by Day] *3* LOVE. Interesting, solid remix.
  9. 거짓말 (Remix) [Lies] Dude, this sounds like… the Daishi Dance remix of “Lies,” even though I don’t think it is. It sounds really freaking AWESOME. I thought it would be one they used in their performances before, but it’s new (as far as I know). YAY, they didn’t completely cheap out on us (I thought they might have since there were so few new songs on their so-called album).
  10. 마지막 인사 (Remix) [Last Farewell] I adoooore this song in it’s original form, so I’m already loving the remix. It definitely has a “Remember” (album) feel, hehe. It’s weird how changed a song can sound when it’s remixed!

    I love how they ended it! DUDE, this song sound so freaking upbeat and happy. I don’t think it was sad before lol (definitely not), but now it’s very cheerful.

  11. Remember *crosses fingers for Korean lyrics* Pleeeeeeeaaaase. lqWFRLKADSJFLDSKFJDSLKAFJSDJFALSDFJDSLFJ YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSYESYSYEYSYEYSYSYEYEYEYYEYYYYYYYEEEESSSSS! It’s in Korean!!!!!!!!! And it already sounds way way way better! I’M SO HAPPY! I already liked this song pretty well, but this will give it the extra push. I think it’s not enough like the rest of the album… well, maybe not. I kind of wish they didn’t just stick this one on the end, but whatever. It’s good. Ahhhh my ears are so happy to hear this in Korean, I can’t even express it enough. Although my favorite part, Seungri’s line around 1:26, doesn’t sound as good for whatever reason. *Shrug* I still love it.

    Is it just more, or does it sound more polished than the English version? I honestly think this whole album does, and you can see it most in this song because you can make direct comparisons. I don’t think their albums are so “fail” (although I still like them) because of their English; I think the quality is what kills them. Sorry to say it!

    But I do like this song very much, indeed.

Pretty much… this was a good album. I love SO MANY songs on here, no kidding. I don’t think there was any track that sounded “off” to me, which is CRAZY. That hardly ever happens. So, what does that mean? I freaking adore this album. My main gripe (if I have to have one, and I think I have to) is simply that they didn’t break the songs up enough. I would have liked a few more “relaxed” tracks like “Foolish Love” or even “Remember.” Neither are ballads, but they give the listener a rest from all of the bass drum.

Sigh. I really do like this album a lot a lot a lot. I am so tired from my day, but I feel really good right now. And I think that surely has something to do with this album.

OH MY GOSH I WROTE WAY TOO MUCH. I blame my sleepy state. And yeah, it took me a lot longer to get everything I wanted together (I didn’t spend an hour+ listening to a 40 minute album, just in case you actually did math), but it was worth it to me.

Incidentally: you can watch Shinae and Alex sing Lee Moonsae’s original version of “Sunset Glow” on We Got Married (at around 7:00). They are so cute together! I’m sad they’re leaving the show.

I have no energy to edit this tonight. Please excuse the mess! Anyeonghi gyeseyo!

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