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Quotes for Today

November 8, 2008

I’m going to post some Big Bang related content later, but I wanted to post some quotes lol. Plus, I have talked about Big Bang ONLY lately, so I want to break things up a little.

Most freaky quote of the day:

“People in their 30s and the 40s are emerging as the main cultural consumers, and Girls Generation specifically targets men in that age group… Likewise, Shinee targets women in that generation.”
-Lee Soo Man, CEO of SM Entertainment

O_O That is so messed up. I pretty much don’t even know what to say in response to that. I’m only halfway to 40 and already feel like it’s creepy to like someone like Taemin too much (although, as cute as he is, I don’t exactly feel “attracted” to him LMAO–isn’t this natural?). What is so strange about LSM saying this though is the fact that it’s been proven again and again; even men in their late 20s and 30s in the entertainment industry easily show their love for SNSD and the like. And I remember there being a discussion among the older guys on Family Outing about how they wanted to meet SNSD and Wonder Girls (I’m terribly behind; I know Taeyeon actually appeared on the show).

Most “lol” quote of the day:

In reference to Wonder Girls’ “So Hot” song: “I was kind of burdened when I heard [“So Hot”]. Because the lyrics (in So Hot) mentioned that my legs were beautiful, everyone started paying attention to them. And since then, I had to take extra good care and management of my legs.”
-Actress Ha Jiwon

HAHA, I actually wondered about this before… and now we know it’s true! Now Ha Jiwon has to be extra careful about the look of her legs.

Most “aw” quote of the day:

In reference to Big Bang’s song “Red Sunset” (or “Sunset Glow”):
“A new arrangement has been given to the melody of the song ‘Red Sunset’ and refining it. And this is by far, the version of ‘Red Sunset’ that I like most.”
-Musical artist Lee Moonsae

And this isn’t a quote, but it’s awesome. It’s Dong Bang Shin Ki’s “Mirotic” MV, but it’s just one (almost) continuos shot of them dancing. I love it because you get to see the entire song danced out without close-ups. What a great idea! I wish all of my favorite dances were shown this way.

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