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Reviews: Big Bang – “Remember” and “Stand Up”

November 10, 2008

I thought I would do a more thought-out review for Big Bang’s “Remember.” I meant to do this with “Stand Up,” but I came pretty close to consuming that mini-album in just a week… and I feel like once I get past 100 listens, it’s unfair to even try give an objective opinion. Not that I am going to give you an objective opinion about “Remember,” but it’s going to be more than, “THIS SONG IS GREAT!!!” for every song lol! I knew if I waited much longer than this, I was going to have to scrap the idea of ever giving a clearer review of “Remember.”

Big Bang - Remember

“Remember” and “Stand Up” reviews

Review: Remember:

First of all, I really really like this album. I haven’t been able to listen to it as much as I’ve wanted to yet, but that’s only because I’ve been crazy busy.

I must express my shock: I’ve heard at least five people say they thought “Remember” was a weak and boring album. WHAT? Honestly, what?! I don’t see that at all. I do think it was a little cheap to add so many remixes, but if you “take them out,” what is not to like? Everyone sounds really good, the songs are all very listenable, and there is nothing boring that I can hear. Every song catches my interest. Like I said before, I think they could have done with a little more mix-up in the pace of songs (it’s a very go-go-go album), but the more I listen to it, the less that bothers me.

I guess I could find a complaint in the fact that I find it hard to pick a definite favorite. If I were YG, I would be killing myself over the choosing of a single. I think “Sunset Glow” was a good choice, but it could have easily been something like “Oh, Ah, Oh,” or “Wonderful.” But really, is this a problem? I can’t choose a favorite because I like all of the songs so much?

Anyway, I suppose I should do some track-by-track goodness now lol.

  1. INTRO – 모두 다 소리쳐 [Everybody Scream]: I guess this wouldn’t be my favorite intro ever, but that doesn’t mean I dislike it. I DO like it. I think it sets the tone for the album, honestly. That’s what I expect intros to do! So extra points to this song for having a great feeling as well.
  2. 오, 아, 오 [Oh, Ah, Oh]: This song kicks some serious butt. I think it’s SO fun! It’s probably one of my favorite tracks on the album. I guess I really love how entertaining this song sounds. It doesn’t take itself seriously, maybe? There isn’t much I can say against it. I don’t even mind the voice effects, lol. AND THE CHORUS IS MY FAVORITE! It’s so energetic. And I always think it sounds awesome when YB says, “Let’s go love soldier,” even though I don’t really know what that’s supposed to mean HAHA.
  3. 뷹은 노을 [Sunset Glow]: I addddoooooorreeee this song. I don’t know if I can say it enough. I can’t. Seeing Big Bang perform it cemented my love even further. IT’S SUCH A FRICKIN’ HAPPY SONG! The chorus is simple, but it’s something that brings a huge smile to my face (even though it’s kind of sad, in a way: “I love you, you are the only one in this world / I shout out loud but only that unanswerable sunset is burning bright”). I don’t care if it’s a remake. It’s a darn good remake. Sure, it isn’t quite the “hit” material of their last singles, but I still think it’s one of those songs that will remain in people’s heads long after promotion is over. Plus, I think after “Haru Haru,” we were due for something crazy like this.
  4. 반짝반짝 [Sparkling, Sparkling]: I can’t believe I didn’t have a strong reaction to this song at first! I think that is is my ALMOST favorite song on the album now. I want to say, “panjjak panjjak” pretty much all day long because “반짝” is such a fun word to say. I just love listening to this song. Sadly, I do not have a lot to say about it! I just think it sounds good.
  5. Strong Baby (승리/Seungri Solo): “Pull my jacket” = most lol line of the song (although I’m tempted to say it’s, “Goodbye, ladies *muah*” lol) WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? PULL MY JACKET? I think he’s talking about himself, because I can see him adjusting his jacket… but it’s so lollerskates. Anyway, this song fits Seungri like a glove. I still think it’s so freaking Justin Timberlake, but that also is very fitting for our maknae (you know he’s a JT junkie). The beat is phenomenal, and I think Seungri sounds amazing in it. I’m excited that almost everyone can say this is a good track. It’s true that SR has the weakest vocals of the group, but I think he adds something special to Big Bang. We know from his various absences from the group that there is a definitely emptiness when he isn’t there. Probably the only negative I can think of is that I have found myself wanting to skip this song a little more than the others, but I don’t know why. I still like it.
  6. Wonderful: I feel like this is the point where there should be a rather boring, so-so song on the album, so whenever “Wonderful” comes on, I’m pleasantly surprised. I don’t know why this reminded me of “Heaven” at first; I like “Wonderful” a lot more than “Heaven,” believe it or not. I guess you could say it sounds like a weird mix of a lot of other Big Bang songs, not just “Heaven,” lol. But whatever. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but I love this song. It’s happy and I want to listen to it all day long.
  7. 멍청한 사랑 [Foolish Love]: I really like this song. Again, it’s another song that feels like it should be a dud, but I think it’s so pretty. I know it will grow on me even MORE as time goes on. I’ve heard the lyrics are sad, but I haven’t seen them yet. Oh, I just found them. They are kind of sad! Melancholy, I guess, would better describe them. This isn’t the catchiest song in the world, but I like it more and more all the time.
  8. 하루 하루 (Acoustic Version): I think the guitar sounds a lot like “A Good Person” sometimes. But overall, I think this is a fair remix. It’s not too much like the original, and it’s cool because it’s softer… there is less of a driving beat. I also love that I took the time to learn the chorus for “Haru Haru,” because it’s so fun to sing along with this slower version. The piano in this song is really pretty too; I have to mention that! The beginning is the best. IDK, actually… this whole song is the best. I still like the original more than the acoustic version, but whatever.
  9. 거짓말 (Remix) [Lies]: I have to say that this is my favorite remix on the album. I can’t put my finger on why, but I get excited every time it comes on. It actually sounds a lot like the original, but it has a different flavor… hmm.
  10. 마지막 인사 (Remix) [Last Farewell]: Alternately, this is probably my least favorite remix on the album. Weirdly enough, it reminds me a little of the song “Remember.” Whenever it starts, I think I’ve already made it to “Remember.” I still like this remix, but it doesn’t feel fresh enough for me. Plus, I think what makes the original so great is the beat. The music for this version could easily be mistaken for the remixed… Mario Golf music. Or something. The emotion isn’t right! LOL!
  11. Remember: I am partial to this Korean version, but I actually like the English version more than I used to because of it. I didn’t hate the English version, but I felt like it needed more work. There are some things I actually think worked better in English, which shocks me. MMM, over all, I think this song isn’t Big Bang enough. It’s too Americanized. But it’s pretty solid anyhow.

Alright… you know what I said about never reviewing “Stand Up”? I actually found the text file of what I THOUGHT had been an incomplete re-review, but looking at it… it’s not bad. I think I love every song now, but this is good because I brought up some things that still stick out to me. I wrote it on August 25th.

Review: Stand Up

I feel strange about this album, because it was the first (Big Bang) Korean mini-album I was around to see the release of. I got into Big Bang the day “Hot Issue” came out, so… uhh… yeah. I wasn’t able to fangirl that album in the same way I was with this one, with all of the anticipation etc. Anyway, I think “Stand Up” lived up to my expectations. I think it could have been a stronger album, but… it’s okay. I think all of the mini-albums so far have had weak spots. I just feel so happy when I hear this release.

  1. Stand Up: I think this is one of the most stand out (har har) tracks on the album. I definitely agree with what everyone’s said about it already: it would have made a great full-length track. However, I think it serves its purpose as an intro pretty well. It prepares you for the entire feeling of the album. I love the beat, and I love the way the vocals interact.
  2. 하루 하루 [Haru Haru]: This is (without a doubt) my favorite song on the album. I don’t think it’s as addictive as their previous hits, “Lies” and “Last Farewell,” but I think it’s JUST as strong in quality. To me, the other songs have a more playful nature when you compare them to this song. “Haru Haru” has a definite melancholy air to it, which is kind of amazing considering the style of the music. And actually having Daishi Dance contribute to their music gives a much different feeling to the song. I don’t see DD anywhere in their previous material when you listen to the legit DD-helped songs. I love the vocals in this song so much. Everyone sounds AMAZING, if you ask me. I think everyone has grown leaps and bounds in this area. With every new album that comes out, you can see how these guys have grown in so many ways. I love that.
  3. 천국 [Heaven]: From what I’ve gathered, this is the second-favorite of most people when they consider “Stand Up.” I can’t say I feel the same. I think this song sounds pretty great, but something about it is lacking… somehow. I can’t put my finger on it. I’m really glad they didn’t chose this song to showcase [Edit: Haha, I meant as a single; I didn’t know that they would perform it ever when I wrote this, but I’m glad they did]. However, I do like this song A LOT. In a way, it reminds me of “I Don’t Understand.” I have heard “I Don’t Understand” hundreds of times (literally), and I never feel a particular attachment to it. But I still enjoy it. It’s a strange feeling.
  4. 착한 사람 [A Good Man]: I love this song to pieces. It’s probably my second-favorite song on the album. It’s weird, but I love the random dissonance. There is a constant feeling (to me) that every new line is slightly bending against the previous line. I know that’s a confusing thing to say, but I don’t know how to explain it. There are a few lines that stand out because they don’t meld with the music–they go against it, and it creates an interesting effect. It reminds me of the rapping in “With U” a little. I also (shockingly!) like how G-Dragon gets less “air” time. He’s put on the back burner, and I suspect it’s because TOP is the member behind this song. I love GD to death, but sometimes Big Bang’s songs can be slightly unbalanced due to all of his contributions. TOP is brought to the front and I love that.
  5. Lady: I used to think that this song was a little annoying (it’s all relative; I love every song on this album), but I don’t feel like that anymore. I enjoy the fact that it has a different flavor to it. It’s a little fun, a little unexpected. I think it has the potential to be a much better song, but what we got isn’t bad. In my opinion (I know many people think otherwise), it’s a song that would never be a single, but it’s one I love listening to.
  6. Oh My Friend: I think this song was such a crazy move. Still, it’s so different from anything Big Bang has ever done; I think this is a strong point of the song. My mind can’t even compare it to any previous Big Bang song, so I can’t find anything to complain about. It’s a fun, it’s hyper, it’s cheering. Honestly, I don’t think it’s regular Big Bang style, but I don’t mind it at all. If they SWITCHED their style to this type of music, I’d be incredibly disappointed, but I’m all for one song like this.

That concludes my ridiculous list of reviews. I wrote so much more, but I have school tomorrow… and I can’t be bothered to edit anything else. I’ll try to post my “essay” soon. Don’t say I didn’t warn you that more Big Bang ramble was coming LOL.

And apologizes for sounding so repetitive in my reviews. I actually have been taught to write properly lol (believe it or not!), but I have to write so much for school… I just want to have fun here. From time to time I get paranoid that I repeat myself too much, but whatever. I say what I want.

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