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Dong Bang Shin Ki’s “Wrong Number” MV

November 12, 2008

LOL, I’ll use my free two seconds today to talk about Dong Bang Shin Ki’s newest MV.

I have to say I haven’t really loved their song “Wrong Number,” but the video makes me like it a lot more. I think if you add a half-decent dance to anything, I will love it a hundred times more.

Overall, the video is okay. Maybe a 3/5? Like I said, it made the song better, but it was also a little boring. And like all “meaningful” MVs, there are a lot of weird, confusing, and unexplained aspects. For instance, why are there all of those security cameras everywhere? Sure, the woman is near the monitors, but there is not really any explanation for why the cameras/monitors are there. She’s on the phone the whole time. She doesn’t even seem to notice when Yunho is soaking in a tub… LMAO, she’s too busy frowning at her phone.

Speaking of that, what was with all of the bathing/shirtless Yunho shots? I guess fans everywhere are rejoicing, but I kind of think it was pointless and silly. I thought it was impossible to beat all the bare-chested-ness of “Jumoon,” but I have been proven wrong. LOL.

HAHA, it’s so freaking hilarious to see Jaejoong rapping. He doesn’t sound bad, I guess, but his image doesn’t really fit? But it kind of works somehow. I like seeing people break out of their “roles.”

I think what I definitely liked most was the dancing. I also don’t mind random “brooding” shots, but I guess I get a little bothered when there is so much that doesn’t make sense in MVs. It happens all the time though, so whatever haha.

Speaking of DBSK, version C of their “Mirotic” album just came out. It has some new tracks on it, including one featuring Ryeowook and Kyuhyun of Super Junior. That’s the only one I’ve heard so far. It’s really pretty! It’s a straight-up ballad; I have very little tolerance for such songs, but this one I can handle. The song is called “Wish.” You can hear it here on YouTube. The only Dong Bang boys singing in this song are Junsu and Changmin.

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