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G-Dragon Sings “Lady”

November 12, 2008

G-Dragon of Big Bang

HOLY SMOKES, I feel like a bad fan because I have never freaking heard of this song before…

Well, apparently when iTunes Japan released “Stand Up,” they included a special single… and it’s G-Dragon singing a solo version of “Lady.”

The only way you can get this song (as far as I know, unless you’re living in Japan) is through bigbang_media@livejournal. They want to be careful, so they request that people comment to get the password to download the song, and not to redistribute the single. If you want it, go here.

I want to respect their wishes. I will only upload the song if I get it from somewhere other than . Please try to be a good fan/person/whatever and do the same! Thanks.

ANYWAY, I would describe the song as… IDK. The same? Except it’s only G-Dragon singing/rapping lol. And as much as I love GD, I think the song sounds a little empty without everyone else LOL. AHH, it’s fun to have it though. But… he can’t compete at all with Taeyang’s high vocals. I can’t believe I actually frowned one point. I personally like his take on “Look Only at Me” better. It fits his vocal range better ^^ It’s pretty fun though, so you should check it out if you can.

I know I said I was going to update with more (real) Big Bang stuff, but I am studying for the most difficult test ever. I might be able to do a real update on Thursday.

In the meantime, here are some cute Big Bang-related videos:
Big Bang photoshoot for FILA : Why is this so cute? I would have to say Taeyang kills this video with cuteness. You simply have to wait for the adorable “Can I hug you?” moment. Who knows why they wanted those awkward non-Asian kids in there (lol), but whatever. The littlest girl was cute. The rest of them had these half-constipated, half-wtf-who-are-these-guys looks.

Fan-cam of Jaejoong and TOP “chilling” at the Love concert on 11/09/08. : Haha, at about 0:36 you can see Jaejoong walk over to TOP and talk to him. I wonder if he was asking about his health? Who knows, but it’s one of those fandoms-collide moments. You can also note that JJ mingles with SHINee hehe.

Big Bang advertising LG CYON Edge cellphones : HOMG I have watched these two CFs (they’re put together in the linked video) sooo many times (*points to icon* lol). I think they are extremely affective ads. I want one of those phones now, even though I can never get one (lol because they’re Korean phones). The guys look amazing here. Everyone is dressed really well.

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