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Big Bang’s Comeback Performances

November 14, 2008

I don’t know what to say; Big Bang is simply my group. I love them because they make me so happy. I know most people in fandom can think of a group that makes them feel that way. It’s nice, isn’t it? Anyway, I’ve written this stuff as I’ve seen them do their performances lately. I’ve had to arrange things in a way that’s cohesive, but not necessarily according to when I wrote things. Just so you know.

Big Bang

MBC Comeback, SBS Love Concert, KBS Comeback

MBC Comeback
110808: Big Bang – Intro
110808: Big Bang – Remember
110808: Big Bang – Sunset Glow

Intro: I like the way this did this. The boxes were really fun, and everyone looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Remember: I wasn’t super hyped about Big Bang performing “Remember,” but once I saw it I was happy they did. I really liked that they did it in suits LOL. A+ for that!

Sunset Glow: I freaking LOVE the dance for “Sunset Glow.” I don’t know if there is anything in particular that stands out to me other than… everything? It reminds me a lot of the “Last Farewell” dance, actually. I think because there are those adorable “solo” movements that everyone does. For instance, when GD does his rap early on, ♥! I love TOP’s “shooting” had movement as well. OH, and possibly my favorite part of the entire dance is during the “ah ah ah” part before the GD-TOP rap.

Love Concert (SBS)
110908: Big Bang – Number 1
110909: Big Bang – Sunset Glow


They looked really awesome doing this. And WOW, they sounded good too. They probably didn’t sound as “perfect” as they did in the studio recording, but their pronunciation was phenomenal for a live performance (in my opinion).

The choreography for this song is really good, I think. Thank you, Shaun Evaristo!

Anyway, I’m just really happy I got to see this.

Sunset Glow: AHH, so fun. I love this song and the dance. I had more thoughts on this, but I kind of blurred talking about this performance and the last one, so see below for more.

I originally wrote about both these songs at the same time, so here are some thoughts I had:

Other thoughts related to both the MBC and SBS performances: G-Dragon looks like a golf caddy lately, but I find myself loving it. How can he look so awesome in such crazy clothes? I can only wonder. I simply enjoy watching and waiting to see what he comes up with, and then I just sit back and anticipate a flurry of negative comments XD You have to admire someone who can stir up so much discussion. They are, after all, only clothes. Speaking of GD and style, I’m pretty annoyed with myself. I wrote and translated a pretty good amount of information about GD’s fashion in August, and didn’t even post it. Maybe I’ll ramble on some more about his current style escapades in addition to that material I worked so hard on (in the future).

While we’re on the subject of style, Big Bang’s comeback look is HIL-AR-IOUS in certain ways. We may have golf-boy GD, but TOP looks like a crazy mad scientist ķ•™ģƒ (lol student)! SR has become suit-boy, but I don’t know how he manages to look so young in suits. LOL šŸ˜› I don’t know about YB though. Just as long as he keeps sunglasses off his face, he probably wins for looking the least like any stereotypical character. Daesung… IDK. He could pass as an ajusshi in that turtleneck, but he has such an adorable face… I forgive him.

I can’t understand why there are a million articles out that said TOP looked healthy as can be for their comeback. Was I being a hypersensitive fan, or does anyone else agree that he didn’t look as great as he could have? I think he was slightly pale, and even though everyone was perspiring, he had the most sweat on his face. Plus, he seemed a bit tense, but maybe he would have looked like that anyway? IDK. I think he fared fabulously for (alliteration~ lol) all he’s been through lately. (I suppose I should mention, for those who have missed it, that TOP was admitted to the hospital for a few days earlier before their comeback. It was reportedly due to a mix of flu medicine and alcohol, in addition to exhaustion. He’s fine now, but I can’t imagine someone like that being completely A-OK so soon.) HOWEVER, it was only during that one performance. He looked great in a performance they did the next day (Love Concert).

KBS Comeback
111408: Big Bang – Foolish Love
111408: Big Bang – Sunset Glow

I have to say I was shocked when I saw them come out for “Sunset Glow” and they were wearing the same outfits… in green instead of red. I guess I didn’t make the connection QUITE when I saw the first two performances of it. Even YB was wearing a new green leather jacket. AWESOME! I love that idea. I am all for mixing it up clothes-wise, but it’s really different and fun to have them wearing essentially the same outfit for the same song. I went back and looked at the MBC comeback and it was the same, except black-white-gray. CUTE! I guess I thought it was a sort-of similar look, not as similar as they’re making it.

What I can never get over is how GD so effortlessly moves about the stage. I wonder if it’s because he has been performing (in one way or another) for most of his life. I don’t think I would call him “charismatic,” but he addresses the camera like it’s breathing. I have just noticed that about him. It’s almost like he is half bored with it, but he’s humoring everyone anyway.

Daesung looks so grown up lately. I don’t know if it’s his haircut or what. He’s still so adorable, but he looks less goofy than he sometimes does. He’s still smily and cute, but he has a kind of “mature” edge to him now.

I think Taeyang has kind of exploded in his stage presence since his solo time. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll definitely say it again. For a long time now, he’s been the one to talk to the camera during interviews (maybe it’s because GD is too busy being bored LOL), and when you watch him now, he doesn’t seem nervous at all. He used to. And when he’s performing, he is so commanding! I think he demands attention, and when you find yourself paying attention to him, it’s worth it.

I love watching Seungri sing lately. He has really improved a lot since I first got into Big Bang. I don’t think he ever sang badly, but he sounds more polished that he used to. He never sounds hesitant. And of course, I love watching him dance. He moves very fluidly.

I freaking adore TOP’s hair right now. It’s really funny and windblown-ish, but it’s cute. I think his face is really suited to shorter cuts, and I am happy when he doesn’t have it short and down because that tends to make him look very Spock-like. I don’t even notice his ears when he wears it like this. And while I’m talking about things about everyone, I have to mention that I appreciate the way TOP performs. He is so different in real life than he is on stage. It’s crazy. He knows what he’s doing when he’s up there, and I always want to be watching him. And like everyone else, I think he’s gained a lot of experience and confidence since even just a year ago. He is smoother on the stage than he used to be; not that he wasn’t before, but there are no hiccups in the performance. It’s all good.

Foolish Love: I really enjoyed watching them do “Foolish Love.” The more I hear that song, the more I love it. I liked the way they didn’t put crazy effort into the choreography. I don’t think the song needs much, so what they did do was enough for me. They sounded AWESOME too.

Sunset Glow: As far as “Sunset Glow” goes, I think it is an amazingly fun song, and even better when it’s being performed. It always brings a huge smile to my face, and to see them do their cute dance to it? A+++++. I don’t think it’s a trendy dance like “Lies” or “Last Farewell,” but I do think it’s more memorable than “Haru Haru” (which I still like, but it’s not their greatest). I think the feeling of the song is well executed in the dancing and moves etc.

For some reason “Sunset Glow” reminds me a bit of “Oh My Friend” when I watch them perform it. Does anyone else get the same feeling? I think it’s the energy. They didn’t really have many planned moves for “Oh My Friend,” so that’s something that’s different. But the energy. That’s the same, I’m telling you haha.

PHEW, I hope you didn’t get lost in all that. I know I should have posted about these individually, but at least I didn’t clog this place with daily talk about each performance haha. I guess I tend to get really crazy and messy with my writing when I talk about Big Bang sometimes, so I tend to procrastinate about making it at all readable. And now I finally have some time to fix this up a bit and post it! Woot.

I have another Big Bang-related item to post, but I’ll end this one here and do that later.

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