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“Boys Before Flowers” Images & Upcoming Big Bang and Hyori Collaboration

November 14, 2008

Some pictures for the Korean Hana Yori Dango (which I guess is being called “Boys Before Flowers”? Is that official?) have been released! So exciting. (Click on the thumbnails for the full size images.)

Gu Hye Sun as the Korean Makino Tsukushi Lee Minho as the Korean Domyoji Tsukasa Kim Hyun Joong as the Korean Hanazawa Rui Kim Bum as the Korean Nishikado Sojiro Kim Joon as the KoreanMimasaka Akira

I have to get excited, because the production team dressed everyone so well! Don’t you agree? I think that all of the actors look like their characters, and I probably would even think this if I did not already know who they were playing.

Here is some additional info from Coolsmurf:

Filming for Boys Before Flowers started on 5th November with their first scene filmed at Incheon International Airport. Goo Hye Sun, Kim Hyun Joong, Han Chae Young plus others all took part in the first filming. The scene for that day saw Kim Hyun Joong and the rest at the airport, sending Han Chae Young off, with Hyun Joong and Han Chae Young locked in a heartwarming embrace.

With this being his first acting role, Hyun Joong expressed after filming, “I have to act out a totally different person from myself when filming this drama. So I was pretty nervous as it was my first time. But Han Chae Young sunbae took really good care of me and we successfully completed the shoot.” Hyun Joong also revealed that his character in Boys Before Flowers will have a meatier role as compared to the original adapation. Thus, he will strive and work harder in order to not disappoint the legion of Boys Before Flowers fanatics.

Source: Coolsmurf

Happy happy. I’m really looking forward to this drama. So much so that I may break down and watch the episodes as they come out! I usually wait until a whole series is out because I tend to lose interest when I have to wait for something lol.

Big Bang and Lee Hyori

SDKFDJS, this is getting me ridiculously excited: Big Bang and Lee Hyori are performing each other’s songs for the Mnet MKMF Awards. !!! Well, sort of. Hyori is going to do Taeyang’s “Look Only at Me,” while Big Bang is doing Hyori’s “10 Minutes.” It’s said to be a joint stage, so they probably will interact with each other in some way.

OH, and to make this better? G-Dragon is performing “Look Only at Me Part 2.” YAY! This will be a really really fun show. Even if Big Bang won’t win very much (it’s hard, because they are against DBSK in so many categories), I think they will be great at the Awards.

Source: StarNews; Credit: Seoulfull; “Please take out only with credit and do not add any credits.”

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