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Brief (Preliminary) Spazz About Mnet’s MKMF Awards

November 15, 2008


Uh, so it temporarily slipped my mind that the Mnet MKMF awards were airing 5 am my time lol, so I wasn’t really anticipating the results. I was lazily staying in bed, and finally decided to check some news sites on my phone. UM, first of all, when I found out what Big Bang won I had a really unexpected reaction. I sort of paused, and then my arms shot in the arm and I whooped with excitement. I am actually a very reserved person in real life, but I will bring out the wild, crazy side of me for this group.

I know these awards aren’t “that” important, but sdklfdjsl who would have thought? WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT? I can’t wait to watch this. The boys must have been going crazy. I don’t think it’s disloyal of me to have thought that DBSK was going to sweep these awards. There was even some evidence in the polling, because DBSK had 500,000 votes for something, and Big Bang didn’t even have 3000. Cassiopeia is sincerely a force to be reckoned with. So. I don’t know what happened, but I think it’s awesome.

I definitely think DBSK deserves a huge amount of recognition for their album this year (and they got some!), but can anyone compete with the mind-blowing amount of work Big Bang has done this year? Some of it was quality, and some of it was not, but seriously. It was a LOT of work. Two Japanese mini-albums, and one Japanese album. A Korean live album (for their concert)/DVD, one Korean mini-album, and one Korean album. It’s too much too even think about, honestly. Yes, there is such a thing as quality versus quantity, and I don’t really want to get into this right now. I don’t want to spark a fight between DBSK fans and Big Bang fans. Like I said before, both are GREAT groups. I am actually a little miffed that DBSK fans are downplaying these awards now that DBSK hasn’t won. Everyone assumed they would win, but is that okay? Does that mean there has been foul play? I hope no one tries to make these arguments. Just live and let live, and wait for the more “weighty” award ceremonies.

(Eh, rereading this makes me want to add something. I am not saying DBSK didn’t deserve to win anything, and that they were only going to win because they had a huge fanbase. But you have to at least consider that if someone against such an acclaimed group and won, they have some merit. I am really anticipating many Big Bang-bashings, because that is the way of life. I just want everyone to try to avoid saying, “Big Bang didn’t deserve this,” for one reason or another. That isn’t fair. Please try to look at things objectively. Many VIPs were having to do this when they thought DBSK was going to win, so please try to do your best. Hwaiting! lol)

Anyway, the second thing I went crazy over was this: I saw a picture of a male kissing a female and was like, “Whoa, who kissed who?” AND I KIND OF BLEW SKY HIGH (WITH SHOCK) TO FIND OUT THAT IT WAS TOP KISSING HYORI! BLSDJFSDKFJL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For a performance or no, that is freaking WHOA! It wasn’t a super typical stiff-kiss either. It wasn’t like, making out, but skdfjsdl crazy. I am so happy for some reason. What a cool thing to happen! I really feel happy that it was TOP and Hyori too. TOP is an aspiring actor, and fans were going to get pissed no matter WHO he kissed. Does anyone remember the craziness when he “kissed” Sandara Park for Gummy’s MV? So it’s good that he got that over with now. The more public kisses under his belt, the better. Plus, I love Big Bang/Hyori, so this makes me really freaking happy. If anyone in the K-pop industry had to kiss one of our boys, I’m glad it was such a sweet person as her.

I need to go watch performances now, but I am so freaking HYPER right now.

So, I just wrote all that because I can’t possibly go about my day without getting all that out, even if I haven’t even seen these awards yet. I wish I could find someway to watch the awards as a whole. I would totally do it that way if possible. I have so much to do today, but I’m going to be useless until I give into my K-pop needs.

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