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Yang Hyun Seok’s “Top 5” Albums

November 16, 2008

I was searching for something on Naver, my eye caught Yang Hyun Seok’s (head of YG Entertainment) smiling face somewhere else on the page. I guess he just recommends some of his favorite CDs, and I thought it was interesting.

Yang Hyun Seok, head of YG Entertainment
Yang Hyun Seok Yang Hyun Seok

I am way too busy to even try to translate this properly, but I’ll tell you what I gathered from the article. I can’t promise accuracy, of course. I am paraphrasing a lot, so I’ll give you the essence. Major disclaimer: I’m only just starting to learn Korean, so I used my limited knowledge in combination with automatic translators. Because this isn’t an important article, I’m okay if I mess it up a little. I just want you to know I don’t really know what I’m doing lol XD

The article begins by talking about Yang Hyun Seok’s personal success in this decade and the last, and then says something like, “After 10 years, Yang Hyun Seok is still in the center of the music industry.” The writer basically praises him for being both a good singer and a good producer, and lists many of the popular groups and artists that have come from his company (Jinusean, Gummy, 1TYM, Big Mama, Wheesung, Big Bang, Se7en, and Lexy). I think then there is something said about how the fact that he has experience as a musical artist gives him something in common with the artists/groups he produces, and his frank and straight-forward character is good FOR or WITH his “juniors” (I can’t decipher haha).

YHS told the reporter, “It is not good for a composer to create music stuffed away in a studio. It’s important to go out there and read the trends. It’s necessary to create (trends?) and lead the way.” He continued on to say, “I wear good clothes, and listen to music by talented people.” This ‘leading producer’ said it’s essential to have a sense of fashion. The rest of it is more confusing. I think it’s something like: “This sense of fashion has helped him produce hits with Jinusean, Gummy, 1TYM, Big Mama, Wheesung, Big Bang, Se7en, and Lexy.” Here are his recommended “classics”:

Babyface – Tender Lover: He likes how he is an impressive, powerful R&B singer. I think the song “Whip Appeal” is his favorite and it makes him emotional.

Blackstreet – Another Level: LOL, he says Big Bang’s TOP practiced on their music, and that’s exactly what came to my mind when I saw he listed Blackstreet. Check it out here and here (TOP sings!). Anyway, he says Blackstreet is “incredible” and that they’re on “another level.”

Jay-Z – Hard Knock Life: He says something like, “Jay-Z is a really successful business person,” and he wants to follow his business model.

Puff Daddy & The Family – No Way Out: IDK, he admires his business success and says he has a lot of good songs.

Dr. Dre – Chronic 2001: YHS says he could see this as a “classic” album. The sound of the album was a shock to him, and is now being considered as a “textbook”? And it is an album that will go down in history, apparently.

Source: Naver

Phew, that’s all I can handle for now. That was basically it though anyway. I know I butchered it, but it was the kind of article that one didn’t need to fully understand anyway, I think. I had fun with it, and I hope you did too. Hopefully I will become much better at Korean over the next year, and will be able to translate a little better ^^;;

I will do a real update about the MKMF awards eventually, but I still haven’t seen everything yet. What do you think? Should I just post what I have? Maybe I’ll do that. We’ll see.

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