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Big Bang in the U.S. & G-Dragon’s Solo Project

November 17, 2008

I’d love to talk forever about this, but I can’t… so I’ll be quick.

Big Bang

G-Dragon’s solo debut is coming up! I already heard this was happening, but it’s good to get confirmation. What’s interesting, though, is how it’s going down:

After Big Bang finish their January activities (which probably include their concert in Korea), they’ll be heading over to the U.S. for 2-3 months to “relax”… but YG’s definition of relaxation is pretty confusing lol. During this “vacation” time, they’ll be studying: English, dance, music… you name it. In fact, they said themselves, “Even though this is like a vacation, there is no time for play … We have singer Se7en and also our YG producers in America. These people seemed like they have a lot of work there.”

Another big reason they’ll be visiting the U.S. is for the purpose of producing G-Dragon’s solo album. G-Dragon said, “The people whom I want to work on my music with are all in America. I will be going over with the other Big Bang members.” The solo project will probably be a mini-album consisting of 6-7 songs. However, the style of the album is still a mystery.

Thanks to K Bites for the information.

ANYWAY, I think this is really fun. Even if they’re coming for the purpose of work, they’ll still be getting lots of rest. Studying is different from rigorous training, eh? I hope, at least. HEHE, I get to giggling when I think about them being here… roaming around… maybe they’ll be “normal” for a while. *Dork*

Also, I’m really excited that they’re (so far) not pushing GD’s solo release back. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with. I hope it has a really interesting flavor to it, just like Taeyang’s solo! EXCITEMENT!

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