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Rumors About Alex and Ha Ji Min

November 25, 2008

Haha, I stumbled upon an article that I figured HAD to be a rumor, and found a subsequent article that confirmed my beliefs. But who am I to keep rumors from floating around?

Alex, Ha Ji Min
Alex of Clazziquai Ha Ji Min

According to the hilarious first article, Alex (29) of Clazziquai and Ha Ji Min (26)–soon to act in the SBS drama Cain and Abel–are dating… or something. The title of this article is gold: “We’re in love!” LOL! Apparently they met two months ago for someone’s sister’s wedding, and there has been “rapid progress” in their relationship since then. And get this: they bought the same car. Ohh~~~ That is a sign of true love. (Source: Hankooki)

The next article “debunks” this rumor. Both Alex and Han Ji Min’s respective agents make it clear that this is not true. I guess they’re both like, “Haha……………………” It sounds like they were both involved in the wedding, and people made assumptions. (Source: StarNews)

I am always surprised at how well the media will jump to conclusions. I guess it’s a world-wide phenomenon.

Oh, while we’re on the subject of Alex: he has a new digital single out. It’s great! Check it out. He sings like an angel, I swear. (Song: Alex – 나쁜 짓 [New Ways Always])

I have some other stuff I want to post, but I’ll make a separate entry later.

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