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SS501 – U R Man

November 26, 2008

Triple S - SS501 project group

I finally got around to checking out the mini-album of the SS501 project group, Triple S (consisting of Young Saeng, Kyujong, and Hyung Joon–while Hyun Joong and Jungmin are busy with other responsibilities). It’s titled “U R Man” (read: “your man.” I know, it’s confusing for people who actually understand basic English *wink wink tease tease*), and it has six new tracks for everyone to listen to until the group again comes together as a whole. Here’s the tracklist and a few thoughts on each song:

  1. Want It: This song is sooo addicting; it has a really good beat. Surprisingly, it’s my favorite on the album.
  2. U R Man: This song was a lot better than I was expecting. I’m not too keen on the repetitiveness, but it’s okay. I think it is a fun listen. Watch the MV here. Speaking of the MV, am I the only one who thinks it’s funny? IDK lol. Kyujong looks pretty hot though.
  3. The One: Pretty good song.
  4. 사랑인거죠: Nice ballad.
  5. Never Let You Go: I like this song. The sound in the background can get distracting, but it does add to the overall feel.
  6. I Am: Smooth and relaxing.

I was pleasantly surprised about how much I liked this album on the first listen. I wasn’t doubting it, but I wasn’t expecting a lot either. Don’t get me wrong; SS501 is great, but their songs are sometimes not to my liking. I think this project mini-album has a different feel because it’s a project. And I enjoy it. It’s refreshing! Listening to it more, I feel that it’s not going to be among my ultimate favorites, but I have a feeling it will get a lot of use anyhow.

On another note, this is arguably one of the strangest, yet cutest CFs of the season.

SS501 – U R Man
SS501 – Want It

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