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November 26, 2008

I come bearing gifts! Ah, and at some point I think I’m going to post my thoughts on the MKMF Awards stuff I saw… stupid school has kept me from finishing the entire thing, and I have lost momentum now lol. Should I post it? I guess I will. Whatever, let’s get on to the “goods.”

Awhile back I was procrastinating, and I wound up making these Big Bang mixes. And I have decided I probably shouldn’t pursue a career that involves mixing music. LOL! But they’re okay, so I thought I’d share. My favorite is the “Mad About a Fool” mix, because I adore that song… and it flows pretty well. ANYWAY.

Big Bang - Mixes of 'Remember'

Big Bang – Mixes of “Remember”
The first mix is an amateur-ish experimental thing I did; I mixed parts of the English and Korean versions. It’s okay, not great. The “trippy” version has English in one ear, Korean in the other.
Big Bang – Remember (Eng + Kor mix)
Big Bang – Remember (Eng + Kor mix – Trippy)

Big Bang - 'Mad About a Fool' Mix

Big Bang – “Mad About a Fool” Mix
I added the Japanese chorus of “Mad About You” to the Korean version of “Fool.” If I do say so myself, I think it came out decently.
Big Bang – “Mad About a Fool” (fan-mix of “바보” and “Mad About You”)

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