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BoA in America

December 3, 2008

OMG, BoA is freakishly adorable. I subscribe to BoAmusicUSA on YouTube, and a video came up today that had some “mini” kind of interviews featuring BoA, her “Eat You Up” choreographer (Misha Gabriel), and so on. Apparently this is episode 2 and 3, but who even knows where episode 1 is; BoA’s American YouTube channel does not show her most recently uploaded videos (why that is… is beyond me).

ANYWAY, I really liked this because it shows BoA being casual and relaxed. Her accent is pretty darn good, people. She does mess up sometimes, and her pronunciation isn’t perfect, but what do you EXPECT? She is busy as all get out and she still manages to learn English fairly decently.

I love the second part. She gets out her purse and talks about what’s inside. She shows off her phone (she claims no one calls her, but looks down to see she has three missed calls), her make-up “pouch” (haha cute), and her wallet. And LMFAO, she sounds like me: “I only have one credit card… and one dollar!” That is basically the story of my life~ Soul sista! Okay, I need to stop lol. Oh, and she also has an American phrase book… I wanted to die laughing as she read off all of the cheesy phrases. OMGSOCUTE. Basically… you need to watch this. But mostly for the second part, where she shows off her bag haha.

Oh, 감사합니다/thank you for 150 members ^^ (on Livejournal)

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