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Kara – Pretty Girl MV

December 3, 2008

Kara’s “Pretty Girl” = so much fun. If you prepare yourself for a cutesy and slightly annoying (in the most catchy way) video, I think you could like it too. I only recently started noticing Kara, and I’m not too sure why. I have a feeling that it wouldn’t take much effort to get completely into them fandom-wise. I have seen some random clips on YouTube of them just goofing off, and ♥ They are very normal (for mini-celebrities lol).

As far as the song goes, it’s not going to be a song that will last until the end of time, but it’s catchy and fun. I think it has a weak start, but the chorus brings the song up a lot. Oh dear, I already know I’m going to listen to this more than I should. If I get the meaning of the song right, it’s kind of like… Don’t let yourself be frustrated. Walk proudly, because anyone can be a pretty/beautiful girl. LOL, simple!

I have no idea why one of the side themes of the MV is cleaning. LMAO, it took me a few watches to even realize that’s what they were doing… I only realized when Hara was smilingly hitting Jiyoung’s head with a feather duster. LOL WTF? Ah, but MVs never really make much sense.

Thoughts on the girls:

  • THANK GOODNESS they made Seung Yeon look older. She actually looks her age now. And really gorgeous! In “Rock U” she looked like SHE could have been the 14 year old of the group (instead of her actual age: 20).
  • Wasn’t digging the earmuffs on Nicole, but since she is adorable… I think it’s okay haha. And you’d think since she is so proficient in English that there would be a lot less grammatical and pronunciation weirdness going on in Kara’s songs, but no… “Do you want a pretty?” What does that mean? LOL. *Wags finger at Nicole*
  • Hara is pretty cute in this, but I can’t help but laughing because… she never gets any parts in the song. Is she just eye-candy? LMAO. She’s really good at making cutesy faces and hand signs. If she wasn’t in the entertainment business, I would bet you a hundred dollars that she’d be a famous uljjang. Oh, did you know she went to school with Big Bang’s Seungri? Interestante…
  • Gyuri definitely takes the cake for being the prettiest girl in the video. Her look is really unique, and she somehow exudes a ton of confidence. I think that makes her stand out. And that probably gives Kara a little help, because they need more spark.
  • Jiyoung looks like she’s aged some, which is to the group’s benefit. Of course, it’s with the help of LOTS of makeup and clothes. It’s really outside of my realm of thinking as to WHY they put a 14-year-old in a group like this. She’s cute, but it really limits their “range” of styles until she’s at least two years older. And it’s true, they are sticking with the cute image, but I have to say it works pretty well for them. It’s popular for girl groups to have a youthful (and slightly, disturbingly “sexy”) theme. I mean, SNSD had “Kissing You” and they danced with friggin’ lollipops. If that is not a mixed image, I don’t know what is.

In general, their look for this mini-album is a million times better than their “Rock U’ style. The song is probably too cutesy for a lot of people, but I think it’s kind of fun. Sometimes you need something sugary-sweet to bounce to.

Oh, and I am in the middle of listening to the rest of their new mini-album right now and it’s sooo much better than their last one. The songs are kind of on the same vein as “Pretty Girl,” but it’s good like that. You should check it out if you’re interested in “Pretty Girl.”

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