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7th Korean Film Festival

December 4, 2008

At the 7th Korean Film Festival Big Bang performed a song to the theme of the 2008 movie The Good, the Bad, and the Weird, along with “Sunset Glow.” The song they used the “western” theme for was titled “Nom Nom Nom.”

Big Bang – Nom Nom Nom
Big Bang – Sunset Glow

Okay, don’t know about you, but when I hear “Nom Nom Nom,” I automatically get a picture of this:

Lolcat from

So, needless to say, I laughed every time they said “Nom nom nom.”

I loved the look though, wow. It seems like everyone took on parts of the looks of the three main characters of the movie. TOP looked really awesome with that hair and the suit! However, he was kind of lacking in the “with-it” department for this performance. He was all over the place, poor guy. His time was really bad! And then he forgot some of the dance, which was extremely wince-able. It made me think of the time I was three and my dance class was performing in a nursing home. I forgot the steps, and wound up copying the least knowledgeable girl of the class lol. My mom later told me, “If you’re going to copy someone, next time pick someone who is actually good.” OMGZ, random side-note of life. I am still scarred from that experience though, so my point is that I am dying with empathy for TOP… even though he didn’t copy anyone horrible. But the nursing home part might as well be true, because everyone watching seemed a little sleepy, if nothing else.

The song was okay, but I guess sound is not the forte of this venue/production. The back-track parts sounded EXTREMELY back-trackish. Whyyy? Sad face!

“Sunset Glow” was good. I don’t have much to say other than I really liked this performance.

But: Most. Awkward. Audience. Ever… award. Seriously. I don’t think many of them were very interested. They kept focusing on Shin Mina though, which was kind of funny to me because I know she is friends with TOP, and even got involved with a rumor that the two of them were dating. They also zoomed in on Yujin Kim (of Lost fame) telling funny sekritz to Han Yeseul. Baaad timing, cameraman! Way to show the absolute uninterest of the audience lol. Also, they didn’t show many guys. They flashed to Joo Jihoon for like .12 seconds, but whatever. The point of all this rambling: actors don’t make the best audience for idol stars performing lol. Although SOMEONE (it was a side angle, so I don’t want to make a bad guess) was mouthing the words. CUTE! And there was one excited person “ahhh!” in when they finished “Sunset Glow” ^^

I also watched Rain’s performance for this show and laughed my head off. He knows how to work an audience, that’s for sure.

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