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For Cripe’s Sake, Take a Chill Pill (lol)

December 10, 2008

Chill pill

I have to just laugh because I can never get over how many people have their favorite artist or group, and that favorite comes close to doing no wrong. Of course, everyone ELSE’s favorite is pretty messed up and talentless half the time, but MY favorite is heaven-sent. Just saying, people… I wish we would keep in mind that our idol stars are not perfect. At the same time, we should also remember that sometimes being proactively critical of other people’s stars can be unnecessary. For instance, I’m not a huge Rain fan, and it doesn’t seem like anyone is lately. However, sometimes there is a place where the jokes need to stop, and there is certainly no need to drag anyone down for supporting him. And while I love Big Bang loads and loads, I’m not going to blow a gasket and a half when someone says G-Dragon’s style is getting kind of iffy. And is definitely not time for me to bring out unrelated examples of how talented he is and how you probably dress like a drugged alien.

LOL, I know this is very vague, but I have been getting so tired of all this. Over “here” there is someone bashing bashing bashing everyone and his brother, and then they pull out their beloved idol group and pet them and promote them like they fart rainbows and unicorns. On the other hand, there is someone over “there” chopping some commenter’s head off because he/she said made some unnecessary and flammatory remark about THEIR god star. And everything in between. It’s an exhausting tirade.

Does anyone else agree? Am I alone in feeling like this stuff happens too much?

Anyway, I am bound to do it myself. But I want to make a conscious effort to NOT be a negative fangirl.

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  1. susan permalink
    January 13, 2010 11:33 pm

    Unfortunately this occurs for pretty much every topic you can of, from kpop to politics to religion to which American Idol contestant should win. Adding fuel to the fire is the ever present anonymity of the internet. :/

    I try to ignore comments on sites like allkpop and youtube videos but its hard not to look lol

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