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Golden Disk Awards – SHINee

December 11, 2008

AHH, SHINee is great. They are definitely one of my favorites of this year.

Things I liked about their performance:

  • LMAO, so cute to see the Shinhwa guys bobbing along (and in Hyesung’s case, singing) to “Replay.”
  • Speaking of people singing along, OMG Changmin! He was so into it. Kind of amusing though that the audience erupted when the camera went to him though… lol, come on, let’s have some composure here. But I am loving the fanboy inside~
  • I’m starting to realize that I have no ability to comprehend what their stylists made them wear Sigh. They have seen better days of fashion.
  • Wowww, what a dynamic performance. If you think about it, it’s crazy that they did all of those high-energy dances back to back. AND OMG, I freaking love every one. What a rarity! It’s crazy for a group to have so many good singles in a row.
  • I probably should stop commenting on all of their fans… but lol Son Ho Young!!! Yunho!!! Some girl?

Great performance! Go SHINee! LOL!

Dunno if I’ll do any more commentaries on this year’s Golden Disk Awards, but maybe I will. Dude, I wish I wound up posting my thoughts on the MKMF Awards. It’s so stupid that I never did, cause I wrote an essay on that haha.

Speaking of this year’s Golden Disk Awards… wtf? Like I said earlier, I’m tired of all the pointless fandom arguments. Something I will never get used to is the absurdity that is Cassiopeia vs. VIP. It always winds up being embarrassing for both sides. Just be happy for people who do well, and say better luck next time to those who don’t win every single award. And why must people lord victories over the losers? The same thing happened for the MKMF awards. Holy mackerel, I think people need to walk outside sometimes and realize there is more to life than tearing down your neighbor.

Ah, I know I’m being pretty ridic trying to philosophize about the tedium and futility that comes with fandom, but I am so worn out haha. I think all school has left me with this week is a new, automatic reflex called critical thinking. What happened to the fluff? Me wants it back now.

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