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December 15, 2008

Loveholic is back! And they’re back as Loveholics. Sometime last year the group lost their lead vocalist, Jisun (who left the group to go solo), and they haven’t been back since. However, with their new song “Butterfly,” they will bowl you over with all of the vocal talent they got to compliment their beautiful music.

This song is basically an explosion of Fluxus Music. This might be a Loveholic song, but it features many of their label mates. To name a few, there is Yi Sung Yol, Alex and Horan of Clazziquai (not to mention Alex’s sister, Christina, who is an unofficial member of the group–although it should be noted that she is not featured in the video), Whale, and Park Kiyoung. Also featured: Jung Soon Yong, Miki, and Jang Eun Ah, all of whom I assume belong somewhere in the groups of W, My Aunt Mary, Ibadi, and Winterplay (I’m not aware of each member’s name).

I can’t help but wonder if this is Fluxus’ great attempt to revive the Jisun-less Loveholic. I have to say that it’s not a bad try! Jisun was the voice behind Loveholic for so long; I think people will want to resist anything else Loveholic does. This is a fabulous transition. I also think it was a wise move to revise the name for the “new” group. I mean, making it plural isn’t that innovative, but it is a reminder of the different group make-up.

Musically, I looove this song. It somehow seems wrong to have so many of my favorite vocalists together. Wrong as in… this is the kind of thing I dream of, and then they go and do it. I am also loving all of the singing Alex gets to do, because he seriously has one of my favorite voices ever.

From a design standpoint: phew, this video is so pretty and glomp-worthy. I am such a fan of this style! It really worked well too, considering the sheer number of features this song has lol. And I liked the story party where the girl was sad, and her tears turned into butterflies that formed wings. LOL, I know that sounds cheesy, but that’s why this is great! It’s not cheesy! Well, not as much as it could be.

I hope you enjoy it as much as me! I will have to add this to my Loveholic discography page later.

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