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081220 – Infinity Challenge (Parodying Big Bang’s “Haru Haru”)

December 21, 2008

Even though it’s pretty darn late and I have to get up early tomorrow… I had to watch the Infinity Challenge guys take on the task of singing/recording the MV of Big Bang’s “Haru Haru.” And it was WELL worth my time lol.

Original “Haru Haru” MV
Big Bang - Haru Haru MV

There aren’t any subs yet, but it’s hardly necessary. You can find the episode’s parts here on YouTube. The Big Bang stuff doesn’t start for a while (about halfway into part 4), although Hyung Don and Yoo Jae Suk do meet Uhm Jung Hwa in part 3 lol, which is interesting. Hyung Don tries to Dance DISCO with her LOL. Also, Noh Hong Chul meets Son Dambi lol and tries to do her “Crazy” dance. I kiiinda skipped through this part because lol… they were so hyper.

I think my favorite part in so far is WHEESUNG! Yes, Wheesung. He is doing the recording for the guys, and it’s absolutely priceless. The expressions on his face… ah, I don’t think I can properly describe the wide range of emotions that he shows. He tends to have a fixed look of exasperation, but it’s so much more than that. LOL. Just watch.

At some point, you can see them recording the MV. Here are the roles:

G-Dragon = Park Myung Soo (“Min-Dragon” LOL)
Seungri = Noh Hong Chul (“Doo Book Ri”)
TOP = Yoo Jae Suk (He literally says, “I’m Suk-TOP” lol. He’s so proud)
Junjin : Taeyang (“An Yang”)
Jung Joon Ha : Daesung (“Won Sang”)
and… because there are more Infinity Challenge guys than Big Bang guys…
Hyung Don : Big Bag (LMAO! He plays like… the waterboy, basically)

AND, the leading lady, Park Min Young is played by…
Shin Bong Sun LOL.

Funnily enough YJS looks the most like the member he’s parodying! Everyone else is kind of just funny, but YJS cleans up really well with his Tabi image lol. It’s frickin’ hilarious to see everyone decked out in eyeliner, let me tell you lol. Anyway, they have a really hard time filming because they keep laughing! Even the camera man starts cracking up at some point. Ahh, love it. WAH, and YJS accidentally hit PMS in the face! It’s serious, but it’s kind of funny… sadly… lol.

AND It’s even funnier when they dress PMS up in a headband and fake tattoos XD AND PUT HIM UNDER A SHOWER HEAD! OMG, and when he looks into the mirror and says, “Oh girl, I cry cry,” they compare him to Heath Ledger’s rendition of the Joker, and omggggg it’s so accurate LOL.

Actually, that’s about it. Parts 4-7 are the only parts where they film Big Bang-related stuff. LOL, I hope they show us the full thing at some point. I really want to hear the MV and recording paired XD This was incredibly amusing though, especially as a Big Bang fan. “Haru Haru” was simply MEANT to be parodied.

Speaking of variety shows, you reaaally should watch Big Bang on “Gold Miss Diary.” The first part is out and subbed, and it’s killer. SO FUNNY. I was having a bad day yesterday, and that cheered me up so much. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time.

Ahh, Koreans are so very good at making variety shows. All we have in the US (it feels like) is stuff like “Mama’s Boy,” which is oh-so gag-me. Reality TV should be stuff like this, with, perhaps, a smattering of normal-people reality TV. Dang, I’d be glued to my TV if that happened. Well, maybe not… considering I’m not that into my own culture lol.

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