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Seungri – Solo Activities?

December 23, 2008

와! Big Bang’s Seungri is going to do solo activities for his song “Strong Baby”at the end of the year. This is kind of surprising, but what’s really good are the details. Seungri has been preparing a dance for this song, and he and GD recently finished recording an MV for it. OH YEAH!

Seungri's Tribute to Justin Timberlake

Basically, I’m loving this. “Strong Baby” is a pretty fun song, and Seungri is… I don’t even know what word to use to describe him. He is the cute maknae who loves imitating JT and does everything in his power to seem older and sexier. But I love that about him! Haha, this will be great. Here is the full info:

Big Bang’s Seungri to begin solo activities in earnest

On the 23rd, Big Bang’s management company YG Entertainment announced that “Big Bang will continue its promotional activities for ‘Sunset Glow’ until the end of the year, at which point Seungri will begin his solo activities with ‘Strong Baby’ from the group’s second album,” adding that “through his solo activities, fans will be able to see a more provocative and mature Seungri that they’ve seen before, and not just Big Bang’s magnae.”

‘Strong Baby’ is a new pop-style dance song written by G-Dragon in collaboration with Bae Jillyeol, the composer of Bi’s ‘Rainism,’ and is Seungri’s first solo song in more than two years, following ‘The Next Day’ from Big Bang’s third single album, released in 2006.

As soon as his solo schedule was decided on in November, Seungri began preparing, creating the choreography for the song himself and working to sculpt his body through training and managed eating. Recently, he finished recording the music video along with G-Dragon.

YG says, “Seungri’s solo activities will follow upon G-Dragon’s producing, Taeyang’s solo album, Daesung’s trot single and TOP’s collaborations with Gummy and Uhm Jung Hwa in showing the musical abilities of the each individual member of the group,” adding that fans “can expect a particular level of preparedness from Seungri.”

Seungri’s first solo performance is scheduled to occur on SBS’s ‘Gayo Daejeon’ on the 29th.

Credit: halcyon_morn@YGBigBangLivejournal

LOL, sorry for saying I was going to do something special for Fangirltainment’s birthday and not showing up with anything yet. I guess I had an idea of what to do, but now that the moment has passed it seems like I should just do it for the sake of doing it, not for any occasion. Still working on it… and it’s not that exciting. I just thought I would say something.

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