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Acoustic “Haru Haru” on Kim Jung Eun’s “Chocolate”

December 25, 2008

I was watching Big Bang on Kim Jung Eun’s “Chocolate” (081224), and when I saw the acoustic version of “Haru Haru” being performed, I knew I had to share it.

HOLY CRAP, I loved this performance with great intensity. If you aren’t tempted to watch it, you might be swayed by knowing that GD actually pronounces the line, “You’re my heart,” with perfection. I was actually taken aback! Because I was expecting to hear, “You’re my hert/hurt” haha.

The music is live, which makes EVERYTHING better. And it’s not remix-y, because the boys are singing it live, and they alter certain things (such as key and pitch, as far as I can tell) when appropriate.

I realized today why some people say they don’t like GD’s voice. When he sings, it can get a little nasally. But I am used to that. I think he sounds very professional and good, and sometimes it just goes there. But everyone has different tastes haha.

Merry Christmas! Even if you don’t celebrate it hehe.

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