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SBS Gayo Daejeon Festival 2008 – Commentary (Part 1)

December 29, 2008

Phew, I was trying to watch SBS’s Gayo Daejeon Festival and I got tired out just watching the Big Bang cuts. I commented a lot, and might come back later to talk about more of it. I just don’t want to do like I did before and wait to have everything in order and then not post anything! So I apologize for the mess. This is just a commentary anyway 😉

Phew, I am TIRED. I wrote a lot… 1500 words! You should run away if you haven’t read this yet.

I really like the MCs hehe! It’s too bad that Hyori got sick and couldn’t make the show, but Daesung did a nice job filling in for her. I love the fact that they are all from Family Outing. Way to spark it up!

Look at Me Gwisoon

BEYOND CUTE! When the famous Trot singers are doing the song, you can see GD cracking up in the audience. And then Daesung comes out! Wow, that boy has become so confident hehe. And then GD starts laughing even more! AHAHA for some reason I think that is hilarious. You can also see Jonghyun making an “:O” face behind Big Bang. AHH, and Seungri doing the hand motions. So much love.

Taeyang and Junsu Piano Battle

They start off with Taeyang doing the song “Don’t Wanna Try,” and he sounds REALLY good. I basically can’t believe that they have such an interesting awesome pairing: TAEYANG AND JUNSU. I love them both. Their voices are of completely different styles, so it’s not even worth it to compare the two. When TY is singing, Junsu is mouthing the words. SO ADORABLE! TY’s smile at the end is so lovable.

Junsu does the song “My Everything.” OMGGG he is so cute. I love his facial expressions. And I’m actually surprised to say they are almost of on level as far as pronunciation goes. I think Taeyang is a little stronger, but it’s hard to say. The background vocals are fail though. They ruin it D:< Oh well, Junsu manages to sound brilliant through it all. Taeyang’s all smiles when Junsu finishes. OMG MELT.

Dance Battle
Taemin (SHINee), Seungri (Big Bang), Eunhyuk (Super Junior), Jaebom (2PM), Yuhho (DBSK)

Taemin comes out and dang, he looks way older than he is. He made me think of SE7EN for a minute. He didn’t get much time, but he looked great.

Seungri is next! OMGGGGG! Another young guy, but he does look his age haha. But he doesn’t dance like a kid.

Eunhyuk! He wears a hella strange outfit, complete with a mask. But his robotic dance is really fun to watch lol.

2PM’s Jaebom comes after Eunhyuk. LOL at his outfit! His dance isn’t super impressive but he’s not bad at all.

Finally, it’s Yunho. AHH, he looks spiffy. I like his dance a lot, and I could swear he got the most air time. He looks super confident, and I think that contributes to the performance.

Wonder Boys 2
Seungri, Jokwon, Shindong, Sungmin, Taemin

I wonder what songs they’re doing? I liked how they showed them practicing first haha.

OMG KISSING YOU!!! LMFAO! WITH THE LOLLIPOPS! Shindong’s hair is lol. OMG I LOVE THESE GUYS! Sungmin is too cute to be a boy, seriously lol. LOL I love Seungri’s singing in this haha. They changed the lyrics too! They said “namja chingu” haha, thank goodness.

Wonder Girls and 2PM look BEYOND amused. They are practically exploding before “Nobody” even starts!

“NOBODY”!!! OMG, everytime I see Sungmin, I honestly can’t stop laughing. But he is nothing compared to Jokwon, who is way too funny. Sohee is like… dying from laughter when Taemin starts doing her part. I don’t blame her. I need to download this performance ASAP. Honestly, Seungri was made to do songs like this lol. He is singing so passionately. HAHA! It seems like his mic is too small for the performance lol. Poor Baby isn’t used to those mics lol.

Hip-Hop Stage – The Movement
Dynamic Duo, TOP and GD of Big Bang

Gaeko of DD and TOP of BB~

UH OH LMAO. What the heck is TOP going to do with that chocolate? *Worried* (lol). He is pouring it on someone. Nice.

“It’s the Movement and YG Family,” ooh, that’s better. I was thinking people would have a fit if they somehow accepted BB into that group. But it’s cool to see this stage! Wait, cool? I MEAN AWESOME.

GD! And he’s doing his part from YGMA’s “What” lol. I still crack up when I hear this: “My name is GD, girl’s desire,” lol. And there’s Choiza of DD. Haha, watching this again in HD, you can tell GD has one of those head bands on (not headband lol). Is he trying to recapture his “Haru Haru” MV hair?

At first I didn’t know whose song “진짜” was, but then I searched it in my iTunes (cause it did sound familiar), and I found out it was by CB Mass originally haha. And I have just learned today that Choiza and Gaeko of DD were formally IN CB Mass!

LMFAO TAEYANG IS RANDOMLY DANCING IN THE AUDIENCE! AWESOME! And then you can see other people get into it too, like SHINee. UGH, I frickin’ love how fanboy-ish SHINee can be. It’s so relatable and cute. I swear, almost the best thing about this performance is watching Taeyang be sooo very into it. He’s like the secret additional member of this grouping because the cameraman is loving him haha.

Oh, this is so funny. I love the dancing haha. And I must say, both TOP and GD look really awesome. You can really see GD’s hair has grown out a lot. It is almost the length of his bowl cut that made its first appearance at last year’s show!

Music Drama
Seungri and Daesung of Big Bang with Taeyeon and Yuri of SNSD

I think this will be really good lol. Last year’s was so funny! I want to like… go through and list every song, but that would be looong haha. But they used Kim Jong Gook first! Haha, the shop kind of looks like… is this supposed to be like Antique Bakery? LOL. I haven’t seen that yet, but I think that’s what this is supposed to be.

LOLLL Yuri’s like, “Seungri’s my style!” and then Brown Eyed Girl’s “My Style” comes on lol. LMFAOOO “U-Go-Girl” starts playing when Taeyeon comes in lollll. OMG DAESUNG IS DOING HIS CRAZY DANCE HAHA. LOL, the boys’ high five and “I love you girl!”

LOL when Dynamic Duo’s song plays when Gaeko of DD comes in. LOL CRYING, SON DAMBI’S “CRAZY”!

LMFAOOO SR: “Nuna… neomu yeppo…” And then Yuri’s like: “Naman barabwa D:”

2PM APPEARANCE! Is it Junho and Taekyeon? LOL, feeding each other cake. LOLOL! “10 out of 10!”

LOL they play “Mirotic” in Seungri’s fantasy (lol and the pathetic audience starts singing along… what the heck… LOL)

HAHA, Choiza of DD is Taeyeon’s crush HHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA.



BEST. MUSICAL DRAMA. EVER. SOOO comedic and funny. Mostly thanks to Big Bang’s two maknae haha.

Big Bang interview

LOL, they’re all wearing the same pants! And then they request Daesung and Seungri to reinact their enlightening scene from their music drama. SO FUNNY. I love it when SR has that shocked look on his face and is like, “HYUNG!”

Big Bang – “Oh Ah Oh” and Seungri’s Solo, “Strong Baby”
Big Bang – “Heaven”

Wow interesting intro! Love the outfits.

(Oh Ah Oh) Hmm, GD’s hair definitely looks different. VERY much like his bowl cut, yet less… crisp. He’s been wearing hats like every performance for a long time up until now. I guess this must be his new look. It does seem like that’s his way of doing things, doesn’t it?

At first I was really surprised to hear that Big Bang was performing “Oh Ah Oh” and “Heaven,” but I’m sure they have to prepare for these songs away for their upcoming concert. I’m glad we get to see them now! And yeah, we saw “Heaven” before. I’m just excited to see it again.

(Strong Baby) HOLY SMOKES, GD changed fast. He must have had that other jacket on under the big one.

OMGGG, even though I am watching this with really ridiculously blurry quality, it still = great. GD introducing it is FABULOUS!

He’s wearing a suit! HAHA! BOTH HE AND GD ARE ON STAGE. HOLY CRAP. I can’t wait for this MV. It comes out on January 1st!

WHOA BABY, look at what he’s doing to the female dancers! WOW LOL! I guess it fits with the song. DANCE SOLO TIME!

And he did REALLY well with the singing. I am so amazed. I mean, just the fact that he IS singing with all the dancing is great.


(Heaven) Heaven is awesome. The dance is soooo fun to watch. And they changed it up, didn’t they? From last time? Haha, it’s great.

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