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SBS Gayo Daejeon Festival 2008 – Commentary (Part 2)

December 29, 2008

Ahh, I was on a mission to watch all of SBS’s Gayo Daejeon Festival, but I’m running out of energy. I have a few parts I haven’t seen/commented on. Will I? I don’t know. But here are some more parts I commented on.

SHINEE – Love Like Oxygen, AMIGO, Replay

GAHHH, I know I’ve said it before, but I love all of these songs to death. I love what they’re wearing too! WTF? Why does SHINee get awesome clothes, while like… Super Junior-H has to like, wear PJs and DBSK has to wear hideously ugly patterns? (I’m not talking about this specific show… just in general.)

Ooh, I like how they all have dance solos before “AMIGO.” LOL, Jonghyun looks so happy today. Not that he doesn’t always. I mean, there is always someone in this group who can’t stop smiling haha.

They sound way tired out singing “Replay,” probably because they did it after “AMIGO.” Poor guys. It still looks great, and they pick it up after a little while.

It’s so cute when Yejin comes out and they give her flowers LMAO! She’s the Nuna. She looks really pretty though. AND HAPPY. And a little awkward haha.

Stand Up for Love (Taeyeon, Sun Ye, Davichi)

LOL, why do they have to sing in English? Sigh, it puts kind of a damper on things. But they sound pretty good, so I’ll forgive them. I especially like Taeyeon and Haeri’s (Davichi) voices here.

Dong Bang Shin Ki – 주문 (Mirotic)

AHH, I love it how they started off the performance with the rap haha. I’m really excited that they didn’t use that lame “under my sky” thing. And their clothes are awesome compared to some of the things they’ve been wearing lately.

Dance time! Haha, love it.

Dang it, it really does make more sense and make it a better performance when they say “under my skin.”

LMAO THE END IS HILARIOUS! It’s so random, but funny. ~Skin baring~

BoA – Eat You Up
BoA – Look Who’s Talking

Ha, this was a really fun performance to watch. BoA sounds SO good during “Eat You Up.” Even though she’s not performing for an English-fluent audience, she definitely good be for how she sounds. I’m not too keen on her hair or jacket, but those are unimportant things.

“Look Who’s Taking” turned out really nice. BoA sounds good here too! Her pronunciation is awesome.

Brown Eyed Girls – L.O.V.E. and My Style

Not much to see, but “L.O.V.E” is pretty fun to watch live. “My Style” kind of sounded off? Was it just me who thought so? It wasn’t bad, but it was just… off. Cute performance though.

Epik High, Brown Eyed Girls, Eun Jiwon – Where’s the Love

Haha, awesome. I’m glad that even though this was originally an English song, we have Korean in here. It makes it good. The English parts aren’t horrible though, so I can live.

Son Dambi – Crazy

It’s interesting to see how they managed to do this considering Hyori couldn’t perform. Pretty good! And she was dancing in some pretty intense shoes!

Wtf… Playgirls? Random stand-in performers? Weird………………. dot dot dot. They look really similar too, intentionally I guess.

Super Junior-H – Pajama Party

SO RANDOM. Is Shindong supposed to be dressed like MJ? WTF haha. Are they all? This is so strange lol, but can you expect anything less from this group haha? Love them, but this is a weird subgroup, at least in style sense.

They keep doing the lol-tastic “U” move too. HAHA.

Kara – Pretty Girl

Interesting clothes haha. So classy~ Especially for such young people… I kid.

It’s fun how they mixed up the dancing though.

Wonder Girls – Nobody

LMAO, this concept is beyond funny. I don’t know what the 18th century has to do with “Nobody,” but whatever! Then the fact that they made that quick change adds to the comedy. Who cares though! They looked pretty awesome in their “band” outfits. I’m not too keen on their retro “Nobody” outfits on the whole. At least, if nothing else, they mixed this performance up, didn’t they?

Rain – I’m Coming

Too bad he didn’t get to have his big performance with Hyori! He’s left with a rather unexciting performance. But at least he came back with something. It’s really funny to hear him do “I’m Coming” though, cause it’s starts with JYP’s voice haha! I love this song though. It’s probably one of my favorites from Rain. It would have been awesome if Tablo’s part was included, but you can’t have the whole world, right?

Jewelry, Kara, and Brown Eyed Girls – One More Time etc.

Wtf, pole dancing? It doesn’t even look very good. I’m addicted to “One More Time” though, so whatever. I’ll hear another version and watch another performance. The Girl on girl moments were a bit unexpected, but the crowd seemed to like it… haha.

The dance part was really random haha. What the heck?

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