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KBS Gayo Festival 2008 – Commentary

December 30, 2008

First of all: LMFAO. GD’s hair. Makes me cry. So I will busy myself with laughter. He looks like a mad scientist. From the early 90s.

But orchestra version of “Haru Haru”? Yay! It sounds really good. For some reason I thought it was really cute that they kept showing the audience. I normally get annoyed when they do it so excessively, but everyone was so happy. DO YOU FEEL THE LOVE?

Their clothes were really funny and confusing. But interesting. One part looks like the jacket, and the other part looks like the shirt. Interesting. You have to see to know what I’m talking about.

Big Bang performing “Sunset Glow” with Lee Moonsae.

Wow, this was a cool collaboration. They mixed the songs, so it has an interesting affect. They boys get so freaking confused though. They start and stop at the wrong parts XD Lee Moonsae cracks me up though. He does stuff like hug GD, dance with the Wonder Girls, etc. Speaking of the Wonder Girls, they came in at the end and sang some haha, along with other people like Seo In Young and Rain. Of course though, this cameraman is obsessed with the audience, so we only get far away shots and like half the time is spent on happy audience. Whatever! Haha. It was a messy performance, but it had a good feeling.

Big Bang and Wonder Girls opening dance.

Haha, is this the WonderBang performance that was so hyped? Momentary brain fart~ That’s MBC, right? Either way, I was so unimpressed. I know these guys are busy, but this was really lame. Ah, oh well. It’s nice they did it though? I guess?

I saw some more from this festival, but I don’t think it was anything worth talking about. *Shrug* It was entertaining though. (Except for maybe this, which was great because it compiled so many great singers, and was indescribably fun).

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