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Big Bang’s FILA Song – Full Version, TOP Getting Solo Time

December 31, 2008

Big Bang - Stylish (The FILA)

The full version of Big Bang’s FILA song came out (it was created for promotional purposes). OMG, I am addicted to it. I know it’s basically an advertisement, but who even cares? For some reason I can’t stop listening to it. I like it because the beat is simple, but the melody has enough variety to keep interest up. It was composed by Perry, so GJ boy! That explains all of the English.

The lyrics are actually pretty easy to decipher, at least generally, because they are half in English lol XD Here is what I got from the chorus:

My energy / Don’t stop move together
A dream to fly to a higher world
We are family
The more fashion claim
Stronger challenge
To stop until the last breath

In other news, Big Bang is going to go crazy with solo activities next year. It’s already been announced that Seungri is going to do solo activities for “Strong Baby” early in the year (can’t wait for the MV… it’s coming out soon. Apparently there is some “racy” stuff in there. Like kissing! HOMG!111 Haha), and I already knew that GD was coming out with a solo mini-album (April), and Taeyang with his first album around the same time (!!!)… but guess what? TOP is coming out with a solo mini-album next year too! Crazy! You can read more about all of this at Kbites, but I wanted to mention it. It’s really exciting! As for Daesung, he’s going to continue doing Family Outing stuff. Big Bang will also come out with another album some time in the latter half of the year. Awesome for us, definitely. I do feel a little bad though, because those boys are working so hard. The work-time of an entertainer seems to never stop.

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