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MBC Gayo Festival – Commentary (Part 1)

December 31, 2008

YAY, it’s time for MBC’s Gayo Festival! I just watched a few things so far, but I plan on doing more. If it’s worth talking about, I’ll make a new post. But for now, I just saw some Big Bang related things (are you surprised? no?).

Is is silly to say I am so freaking excited they are performing two of my favorite songs? I love “Last Farewell” for obvious reasons, but “So Hot” is one of the crackiest addictions in the history of music. AND THEY ARE GOING TO DO EACH OTHER’S SONGS! WAH. AMAZING.


WONDER GIRLS AND “LAST FAREWELL!” They changed the lyrics here too: “I don’t wanna be without you, boy” haha.

OKAY, THIS WAY WAY TOO SHORT LIVED BUT I LOVED IT. OMG. “B to the I to the G (Bang Bang), Won to the Der to the (Girls Girls)” haha!

This is basically the chorus of Big Bang’s version of “So Hot.” I’m not bothering with the whole thing yet. It’s pretty close to the original, except for the “sexy” and “정말” in place of a few “너무.”

I’m so hot
난 너무 sexy해 (I’m so sexy)
I’m so fine
난 정말 매긱있어 (I’m really charming)
I’m so cool
난 정말 멋져 (I’m really stylish/cool)
I’m so so so hot hot hot

Kim Jong Gook and Daesung – Lovable

THIS IS SUCH AN LOL PERFORMANCE! Daesung sounds like such a dork at first. But they both sing so well haha. hey don’t sound their best here, but it’s okay lol. It’s always hilarious to me too when singers bring someone out to the performance and they just like… smile and try to act cool, but they wind up looking awkward and nervous XD So that happened here, but it was cute anyway.

Taeyang’s special stage, featuring Teddy of 1TYM (“Prayer,” “Ma Girl,” and “Look Only at Me”)

I am so freaking thrilled that Teddy came out for this! WAH! I swear I was just thinking of him yesterday, in relation to Taeyang’s solo activities especially. I guess my dream came true, because I was considering how cool it would be to have seen him do “Prayer” with Taeyang. YES!

It’s also really great to me that Taeyang got so much time to himself for this show.

AND CAN I JUST SAY THAT THE INTRO TO “PRAYER” BLEW MY MIND? The flips etc……………………….OMG. The vigorous dancing kept him from singing much of the song, but watching something as fun as this performance is fine with me. Seriously, I have missed seeing this. I can’t believe his mini-album came out so long ago D: Time flies.

OMG AND TEDDY! EXPLOSIVE! What a fantastic stage! You can tell too that the crowd was loving it.

And I have to mention that I normally have a secret dislike of “Ma Girl,” but this remix was pretty decent. Plus, it was pretty cool that they brought in some elements from his concert.

The shiny jacket for “Look Only at Me” was awesome lol. I was worried that they wouldn’t save much time for this song, but they actually did pretty well and gave it like… two and a half minutes? But the way they trimmed it down turned out fantastic. In fact, this whole performance was like a mini-concert. AND I LOVED IT.

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