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MBC Gayo Festival – Commentary (Part 2)

December 31, 2008

Ah! I was wrong about covering all of the Big Bang related MBC stuff before. I’ll just add it on to all of the other stuff I want to talk about. But I can’t watch anymore! I’m simply exhausted from the onslaught of great music performances. This will probably be it for me. I might try to finish writing my song reviews tonight (because I am having a boring night at home~), but in case I don’t get to posting them, Happy New Year everyone!

Big Bang – special skit

If you haven’t noticed yet, these guys are dorks. SUCH DORKS. LMFAO! I guess this is their living room? Possibly? They look relaxed there, and they aren’t too particular about what they’re wearing. Their conversation is obviously contrived. There is a rough translation on ALLKPOP, and basically each member jokes that he is the one that will make Big Bang even better in 2009.

Big Bang’s intro stage on MBC’s Gayo Festival. SO AWESOME! They started with Seungri doing a “Strong Baby,” dance, followed by Daesung doing “Number 1,” and TOP doing “Big Boy.” Next was Taeyang doing the “With U” musical interlude dance (OMG!), and last was G-Dragon doing a “This Love,” remixy things. His hair is ridiculous still, but this is their last event in promoting their album “Remember,” so I don’t think we’ll have to see it much more haha.

Big Bang – Wonderful

I’m really glad they did this song! I’ve been wanting to see what it looked like, so I’m loving this. I like their clothes a lot too. They’re so colorful! I’m actually starting to think that it’s surprising that they have done so much these past few days. It’s good that they’re getting a break, because sheesh… they must be exhausted and sleep deprived. But ANYWAY, “Wonderful” was wonderful to watch ^^

Big Bang and “Kid Big Bang” – Sunset Glow.

Haha, I love the beginning where they kneel down and the mini-Big Bang is behind them. OMGOMGOMG, THIS IS BEYOND CUTE OMG! TOP and Taeyang coming out with their tiny counterparts………………..OMG. LMFAO AT GD’S LITTLE SELF. He has the head band and everything. I have to say I don’t get the idea of having a tiny counterpart group, but it’s hecka cute.

The ending was pretty interesting. When the round part they were standing on raised, it was kind of awesome.

SHINee – Replay and AMIGO

My two favorite SHINee songs in one place! Actually, there isn’t much to say about this other than I think this was a really good performance and I loved watching it. Taemin’s giant jacket with the fringe was pretty loltastic though.I don’t know though, Minho’s clothes lately… he looks like he’s wearing an astronaut’s dressing gown.

JYP and Rain’s dance-off

LOL! “King JYP.” I actually can’t believe they’re having this performance though. It’s master versus student, even though they aren’t in the same company anymore.

And Rain chewing gum? For serious? Anyway, I’m not too into this. They are both good dancers, but I guess I don’t have enough interest, and they’re not doing anything mind-blowing enough to shock me. I liked it when they moved down and danced together though. That probably made up for the boringness before it.

Junjin and Son Dambi (“Crazy” and Junjin doing Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous”)

What’s with the MJ craze lately? Or maybe it’s always been like this in Korea, but I haven’t been around long enough to seen it this much yet.

Anyway, they were pretty good to throw together something so quick when Hyori fell ill. The Son Dambi/Junjin stage wasn’t that exciting, but it was entertaining enough. Likewise, Junjin dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” was interesting, but not fantastic. It was rather fan-service-y haha.

At the end of this part (7:42) and the beginning of this part is Epik High performing “One” and “Fly.”

I love it how Tablo keeps trying to pump up the audience lol before “One” haha. They sound so awesome though. I am absolutely out of adjectives. I loveeee Tablo for mixing the English up: “Faith, destiny, love… it’s all one.”

“Fly” is a great song. I had it as my alarm tone forever… and let me tell you: the line “힘들죠?” (“isn’t it tough?” or “isn’t it hard?”) is so relatable when you have to face the day LOL. Ahh, but the energy of this performance is brilliant. I’m also really glad that DJ Tukutz gets a chance to do something in this song lol.

WonderBang special Stage – HQ

What the heck? How did I not know that there was more to the WonderBang performance than just “So Hot”/”Last Farewell”? My sources have failed me! So anyway, I will close my comments on these events with the explosive WonderBang stage that was a lot longer than I thought. AND more awesome than I thought! This is one to watch over and over. It’s the kind of thing fans like me die for, eh?

Taeyang and Sun Ye – Irony: OMG, this was hot. They look so good together. I love “Irony,” and having Taeyang sing it made my day.

Seungri and Yoobin – Lies: Haha, I knew they were switching up the pairings, but this one is so funny to me. Their age difference is amusing, but I don’t think it’s going to affect anything. Yoobin sounded awesome doing the rapping. Their dancing together was awesome too! I see a new pairing gaining more popularity in fandom. I’m psychic, right?

G-Dragon and Sohee – Tell Me: LMFAO, I can’t believe GD is paired with Sohee so often, but whatever. And they got “Tell Me”? Ah, I guess it is was popular, even if it’s not my favorite from the Wonder Girls. And no one can deny GD’s amazing “Tell Me” dance skills. The rap adds a lot of difference and interest lol. And at least Sohee can manage this song haha! And did these kids exchange clothes? Why is Sohee wearing one of those weird has heck cardboard cut-out necklaces that Big Bang has been sporting lately? It looks like the same camera thing Seungri has worn before.

Daesung and Ye Eun – Haru Haru: AHH, I’m so glad the two of them got this song. AWESOME! They sound pretty good together! Their styles don’t even pretend to go together, but whatever!

TOP and Sunmi – Nobody: BWHAHA, this pairing is the strangest of all. I can’t wait to see what they do with this performance though. LMAO SUNMI IS SITTING ON TOP’S LAP! Lip-syncing~ WAH though, TOP really performed here. He is really good with the ladies on stage, isn’t he?

And omg, I love watching the “So Hot”/”Last Farewell” exchange. But I already wrote about that haha, so I will stop here.

I’m actually thrilled that this performance was three times as long as I thought it was. It was REALLY entertaining, and easily the best performance of the night. Or if not best, the most watchable haha. And I love what Yoobin’s wearing. She looks awesome.

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