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Big Bang on “Sang Sang Plus” (081223)

January 12, 2009

There are so many reasons to watch Big Bang on Sang Sang Plus (081223). I didn’t bother writing them all down because I expect you to take me at my word. Clear your schedule. You have to watch this. LOL!

(Thank you Anecia and Vicky for subbing this!)

Some brief thoughts:

I loved the excessive maknae abuse. Seungri looked extremely unamused in this show lol. Check out TOP imitating SR. DIES.

OH, and we can’t forget all of the YG imitations. OMMMMMMMMMMMG HILARIOUS! And when GD related what YG said to him to get him to join YG XD

SO adorable when GD wanted to rap and he asked TOP to beatbox for him. And then when TOP was going to rap, he was like… “erm I need beat box too…” LMAO!!!! And then everyone was like, doing a collaborative beatbox and TOP was all, “………… DO I RAP NOW?” haha, and “I can’t think of a rap!”

BWHAHA, and when Taeyang starts talking about Daesung’s “secret,” X-Files music starts to play XD OMG THOUGH, the mystery of Daesung!

Kim Jihoon is adorable by the way. For some reason I couldn’t place who he was at first, although I kept thinking of him randomly after I stopped watching halfway through last night. The reason I didn’t recognize him was because I’ve only seen him in Flowers for My Life (although I know he’s in Love & Marriage, which I’m currently downloading), and he looks way different in it. Random note~

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