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Seungri Can Sing!

January 12, 2009

Well, I knew it, but I’ve got proof that Seungri can really sing. He performed on the SBS radio show “Powerline” on January 12th (it feels weird to use past tense for a day I’m only an hour into lol). In the clip he’s singing Big Bang’s “눈물뿐인 바보/A Fool’s Only Tears,” which is frankly amazing because it’s a pretty vocal-heavy song and he’s all by himself.

Honestly, I love Seungri to pieces, but, except for maybe G-Dragon (who is technically a rapper. TOP doesn’t count), he has the weakest vocals of Big Bang. However, this year (not just 2009, but the last 365 days) he has been proving his ability over and over again. I love hearing him do “Strong Baby” live because you can hear him belt out certain lines and he sounds so intense and passionate. I think Seungri is someone who thrives under the eye of camera, and actually sounds better live. It’s pretty much a joke of the group that Seungri is a giant attention-whore, but I think he does really well because of attention. Maybe he needs the visual feedback.

I mean, I don’t think this performance was without fault, but it was pretty darn close to “extremely-awesome” for me. I wasn’t digging the awkward darty-eyed thing he had going on lol (he would look at the camera and then realize he was singing and look away haha… it was just weird to watch, even if it was kind of adorable), but he seemed to do just fine otherwise. Finally, I don’t know who the host is, but she is hilarious. Haha, what a cute dork XD

I love solo time. It’s really interesting to see each member grow together and then alone, together than alone. After each member has time going solo, they come back stronger as a group.

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