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Favorite K-Pop Songs of 2008 – Part 1

January 14, 2009

(See part two here)

Since I’m not easily able to update this week, I decided to make a scheduled post to keep inactivity at a minimum. And what better way than to finally get my lazy butt into gear on my K-pop song reviews? I honestly started writing these back in early December, but I got a giant “homeworky” feeling once I lost interest, and the last thing I want to do during my winter break is HOMEWORK. LOL.

I have already mentioned what these songs were in an experimental video clip (that I want to delete lol), but I have always planned on doing a proper review… in my sense. To me, reviewing is expressing your thoughts and opinions about something in whatever way WORKS. Alright, so if I had to do this for a publication or something, I’d definitely do a bit of revising, but my blogging style is clearly chaotic, so I these reviews are simply in following with said style (longest sentence ever y/y?.

SO, let the reviews commence! This part of my reviews is for songs that I love love love without shame. (I didn’t have time to edit, so please forgive me lol!)

2008 Favorites Part 1

  1. Taeyang – 나만 바라봐 [Look Only at Me]: Something about this song is so freaking gorgeous. I didn’t “get” it at first; even though I liked it, I thought it wasn’t the best song on the album. But now I am in love with the rhythm. The music and vocals meld together and just flowww. I can listen to this song ENDLESSLY. I can play all the Korean lyrics out in my mind. I also want to note that, while not as spectacular, G-Dragon’s version of this song has a special place in my heart. This is sort of a… very un-Big Bang song, but maybe that’s why it shows off Taeyang’s voice so well.

    THIS DANCE! What is there not to say? It’s beautifully choreographed. It mirrors the rhythm and feeling of the song, and has made me enjoy the song infinitely more than I ever would have otherwise. And I didn’t notice it at first (somehow!), but this dance is kind of ~sexual~ But it’s easy to look at it without thinking that as well lol. ANYWAY, I adore this dance. My favorite move has to be the one that goes with the “baby~/lady~” chorus lines.

  2. Epik High – One (Feat. Jisun): Strangely enough, I find the “time is tickin’, t-time is tickin’ tickin'” line off-putting, but in a good way. It’s confusing because it’s a sort of flat beginning to a multi-dimensional song. I love this song. I love the rapping, the haunting female (Jisun!!!) vocals, the music, the lyrics… everything. I like watching the video for this song as well. It’s really beautiful.
  3. Alex – 그대라면 [If It’s You]: ;__; This song is a-maaaazing. I say a lot of things are amazing, but on a scale of one to ten, this song is like… a twelve. When I first heard it, I only thought it was a pretty song. I mean, Alex obviously has a gorgeous voice (among other things), and the music is simple and relaxing. HOWEVER, time has caused me to fall ahead-over-heels in love with this song. Just so you know, I have unconsciously picked up enough of the lyrics to find myself sing along. CRAZY. I think the lyrics are incredibly important to getting full enjoyment out of “그대라면.” I think this is my favorite: “If I could fall in love once, just once / The person I would fall in love with would be you.” The cheesy romantic in me can’t help but melt at the combination of everything that makes up this song.
  4. Big Bang – 하루 하루 [Haru Haru/Day by Day]: It’s strange feeling putting this song on my favorite list well knowing that many people do not like this song. I’ve heard it called so many things, including “‘Lie’ part two.” WELL, I do not feel like that. I love “Haru Haru.” I have to admit to loving it for sentimental reasons, but I want to go into the “physical” reasons for the sake of this list haha.

    When I first heard this song, I wasn’t totally into it. That changed pretty fast. It’s not hyper and upbeat (in sound, not in content) like “Last Farewell,” and similarly, it’s somehow carries a feeling of melancholy that “Lie” doesn’t. But what I really like about “Haru Haru” is the entire emotion of the song. The piano (thank you, Daishi Dance) is gorgeous, for one. The rhythm of the song is great; I love the rap exchange in the beginning because it’s fast paced and intense. I do have to say there are some things about this song that remind of some of “Lie,” but they’re all the things I liked about “Lie.” The pattern of rapping and singing is awesome… I don’t know why. UGH, I am trying to figure out how to phrase all of this so it doesn’t sound like fangirl babble, but… I just love this song!

  5. Younha – 기억 (Feat. Tablo) [Memory]: This song is so pretty! SERIOUSLY. Younha has a gorgeous voice that is completely complimented by Tablo’s rapping (and I should mention that Tablo wrote this song. I swear I didn’t know until AFTER I fell in love with it lol). There is something so beautifully emotional about this song. And once again, the lyrics get me even more: “Though I empty my heart / My body remembers you / The memory / The more I erase it / the more vivid it gets.” GUH. “내 모든게 널 기억해” ;_; All I can say is you have to listen to this song.
  6. SHINee – 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay) [Noona is so Pretty]: I really really wanted to hate SHINee, but the opposite happened. They are now one of my favorite K-pop groups, for serious. When they first debuted the seemed like your average wannabe-awesome boy group, but they defied this expectation with their first song. “Replay” shows off the group’s unique style and drop-dead amazing vocals. How can these guys be so young? Even though the video is a total cheese-fest, it shows how great SHINee can dance as well (Taemin is our favorite wonder boy… and I am just realizing as I say this that he was literally a Wonder Boy LMAO). As far as the song goes, it is insanely addicting, but after enough listens I realized it wasn’t addicting in the guilty-pleasure way (I definitely have a list of guilty-pleasure songs, so get ready for it!). It’s just… relaxing and smooth and pretty and kind of adorable but not in the bubble-gum pop way. I LOVE SHINEE. I am a fangirl to the core.
  7. Gummy – 미안해요 (Feat. TOP): I LOVE THIS SONG SO FREAKING MUCH! For starters, Gummy has a beautiful voice. It’s not your average female singing voice either; it’s slightly husky and it sounds unique enough without freaking you out. The song itself is REALLY chill and pretty. Miiiianhaeyo~ It has a good beat. OKAY, you have to try this: go for a bike ride listening to this. It’s a great experience. OH OH, though, I can’t stop here. TOP! Best. feature. ever. But aside from the fact that I love him to death, he sounds awesome in this song. I love how he has two rapping “scenes.” IDK. I thought I’d be able to articulate my love more, but it’s proving to be impossible.
  8. Epik High – 1분 1초 (Feat. Taru) [1 Minute, 1 Second]: I love this song because it is relaxing, peaceful, and sad all at once. The piano in the beginning (paired with waves ♥) is not slow, but it still gives you the sense that it’s slightly melancholy? Does that make sense? Anyway, I have to say that “1 Minute, 1 Second” is not Epik Highs’ most addictive song ever, but it’s one that is sure to win you over with time. It’s so pretty, yet it’s such a heartbreaking song. “I can’t let go / I hear your voice no matter where I go / (My broken heart) / I can’t breathe / Baby for one minute, one second.”
  9. Clazziquai – Flea: “Flea” is one of the most addicting songs I’ve heard from Clazziquai. It’s not their usual style, but I love it. It has a driving beat that gets into your ~soul~ lol. PLUS, I think I have unlocked the meaning of the song (which is easily understandable for English speakers; there are only two Korean lines). When I first heard the title, I thought of John Donne’s poem, “The Flea.” I hadn’t read the poem in a long time, so I thought maybe I was trying to read too much into the lyrics of the song, but when I was preparing to write about it, I looked up the lyrics and guess what? “This flea is you and I” is in both this song and and the poem. SO, if I am correct, this song is pretty sexual XD Either way, I love it. The lyrics DO borderline nonsensical, but maybe they’re trying to be a little ambiguous.
  10. Loveholics – Butterfly: This late comer pushed some other favorites off my top 10 list, haha. Seriously, who can resist this combination? It’s the Loveholic guys paired with pretty much everyone awesome in the Fluxus Music label. How can you not love it? It’s a REALLY pretty song. Well, I don’t know if that is even the right adjective. It feels “right” somehow. It’s fulfilling in a strange way. Completely worth listening to.

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