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“Boys Before Flowers” Commentary – Episode 1

January 16, 2009

“Boys Over Flowers” is simply a successful creation. It started as manga, and has now made it’s way into two Taiwanese dramas, two Japanese dramas and a movie, and now a Korean drama.

I haven’t seen the Taiwanese version, Meteor Garden, but I have seen the two Japanese dramas and I loved them to bits. It’s been a while though… July 2007! So I’m sure I’ve forgotten plenty. Which is the way I like it, actually. I want to appreciate the Korean version for what it is, and try not to crowd my mind with any comparisons (although I’ll inevitably make some).

Anyway, I’ve been talking about this drama since it’s announcement last year, so I figured I’d give the idea of a episode-by-episode commentary a go. There are a few problems with this, however. ONE, I am terrible at keeping up with shows when I watch them week-by-week. In the past, I’ve made efforts to do this and have failed most of the time. But this time I’m going to try to hold myself to it. TWO, I’m days away from starting school again, so I’m sure it will be very school-like and infringe upon all of my drama watching opportunities. But my plan of attack is to find time! Stress release? Ever heard of it? THREE, I have trouble keeping up with a show when it starts drowning. So I could drop this drama, but you know what? I’ve already heard that it’s messy but lovable, so I’m going to hope for the best.

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

Here we go: Episode 1. Spoilers!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 1

My interest is already piqued by the use of introduction. “Shinhwa” seems uber powerful and Shinhwa High School is clearly a breeding ground for snobbery of the highest degree. LOVE IT! Come on, this is why people love this show! Lifestyles of the rich and famous mixed with a kick-ass female who happens to be dirt poor! WOOT!

HECK YEAH! F4! Why do I love them? Because they are funny haha. They are giant bullies. Why is that good? Because this is fiction. Fiction makes the worst things awesome.

Gu Hye Sun! I LOVE HER! She is beyond adorable.

Seriously, there is nothing funny about bullying, but this series is so magical~~~ *sprinkles fairy dust*

Omg, the school is so pretty. *Jealous*

Suicide? Wtf?

LMFAOOOO! She’s delivering clothes to the guy who is about to jump off a building. Weird humor, but funny somehow. I love how they are having a casual conversation while he’s standing on the edge of the building.

Lmao, netizens~ The fuel of Korean entertainment.

OMG, so funny when she walked out and everyone was taking pictures… and then she started smiling lol.

OH, that guy who is the underling (I don’t know what to call him) of Ms. CEO held the same type of position on Who Are You.

LOL, thinking out loud! It’s what you do!

Haha, Jan Di’s parents are such classic K-drama parents. I wonder if they get tired of playing those roles? I mean, they have played other roles, but they fall back into this one, eh?

Jan Di has such a cute family! I love this show already.

Bad CGI… love it.

Finally, we get to see the F4.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 1

I honestly love Gu Hye Sun’s faces. They are so adooorable.


The exaggerated acting is actually really fun. It will be interesting to see serious scenes haha, but for now this is fine.

Sry2say, but KHJ looks a little fishy and expressionless D: I hope he gets more into the role later.

Ginger, Sunny, Miranda~ LMAO

“말도 안 돼!!!” LOL

OMG! Makino/Rui moment! Or should I saw Jan Di/Ji Hoo moment!

LMAO, what is up with the “Oh. My. God.”s?

The F4 music sounds like Home Alone music XD

This show is going to be awesome. If it stays just like this, I will love it. It’s comical in the silliest kind of way, but that, to me, is the best kind of get-away.

The meeting between Jun Pyo and Jan Di is excellent. Loveeeeeee.

L.M.F.A.O. HYUN JOONG (SRY DON’T KNOW HIS CHARACTER’S NAME YET) JUST PUT THAT MY GIRL “NEVER SAY GOODBYE” SONG ON LOLOLOLOLOL *DIES* (I actually was really addicted to this song when I was watching My Girl haha).

LOL, Jun Pyo is the perfect mix of arrogant and stupid. LOOOVES IT!

FREAKING DIES hahaha at the chef kissing Yi Jung LOLLLLLLL. Token non-Asian character~ Lol, and now we have the token English conversation with some one who can’t act~

HI, I officially love this show. My only beef with it so far (I mean, it’s one of those truly unforgivable things) is that they have a saxophone instrumental. 왜요?

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