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“Boys Before Flowers” Commentary – Episode 2

January 17, 2009

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

Episode 2! I’ve been holding off watching this episode all day. It’s going to be crazy when I actually get caught up. I might even forgo subs and just watch the RAWS! OMG! But I probably shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch. I’m trying to think of how this show can go down hill, actually. It already has some very “fail” aspects, but it’s the lovable kind of fail.

SO, let the watching of Boys Before Flowers commence!

Episode 2. Spoilers!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 2

WOW, Ji-hoo (I’m actually making a point to learn the names lol) just had a human expression. SCORE FOR HYUN JOONG!

LMAO, what the heck. This scene is so anti-real life. He’s asking about frickin’ pancakes while she’s in the middle of being attacked.

You know, this scene always makes me wonder. I mean, I say always because I felt it before and I feel it now. From the looks of it, the group of guys surrounding Makino/Jan-di are going to rape her. And both times the guys are supposedly working under Domyoji/Jun-pyo. SO, the real question is, what exactly did the Domyoji character order these guys to do? Did he simply tell them to get her in some way, or did he specifically ask/imply rape? I choose the former for my own peace of mind, but it’s a weird issue that I can’t help but hover over.

AH, okay. Here in the Korean drama they are completely clearing up this issue, which I appreciate IMMENSELY! The evidence is right here in the dialogue:

Jun-pyo: Who asked you to do these things?
Guys: Didn’t you say to let Geum Jan-di suffer?
Jun-pyo: I just told you to scare her so that she would admit her mistake! Who told you to do that?

*Claps* Thank you, writers.

Alright, the scene with Ji-hoo feeling up the poster is coming. *Shudder* I have heard of this scene and seen pictures, and I’m not anticipating it.

LMFAO. If I saw a guy smooching a poster like that I’d be worried. If I knew that guy–or better yet, liked that guy–I’d be even more concerned.

Kind of weird scene. I’m sorry that I’m so harsh on Hyun Joong, but he seems like he’s not making a lot of effort. It’s just hard to watch.

LOVE IT! The high kick was brilliant. A+++++++!

I adore how Jun-pyo is so full of himself. It’s complete comedy! “That girl… no matter how I think about it, is totally into me.” LMFAO!

Kim Bum is so cute omg. I love him in this.

Ji-hoo reads tarot cards. This is the icing on the character. I mean cake.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 2


Haha, this part is so STRANGE. The being kidnapped part is so weird, but there is something so magical about getting a mysterious makeover~

This scene is great. I love hearing the Korean, “Who? Become whose? What?”

soJFsldkfajds loveitloveitloveit. I need something with this “caliber” of intelligence. I do.


Ji-hoo retreated into autism? WTF? Inaccuracy, methinks. If I’m not mistaken, you can’t just “fall” in and out of autism O_O.

Sometimes the facial expressions Jan-di makes remind me of Nodame from Nodame Cantabile. I think the hair definitely helps me think that.

OMG EXTREME FLUFF SCENE! Jan-di/Jun-pyo 4eva~~~~~~~~~

I freaking love Lee Minho. He is the best thing about this show, for serious. He is getting a lot of acclaim, and it’s not just because he’s really good looking. He’s owning the role.

Gratuitous shower scene~

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 2

Dang, I love the clothes in this show.

Sry2say, but Ji-hoo looks like 235345 times better in non-white clothing.

LMAOOO, OH NO! I hate it when people spring the costume party concept on unsuspecting people.


Han Chae-young is so freaking gorgeous. She has an amazing smile.

HEHE, I know Jan-di is supposed to look really amazing, but her look is really young looking. IDK, I guess she is supposed to be young though, so whatever!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 2

Sigh!!!! Happy~ Love this show. I’m really pleased so far.

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