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Jisun is Back!

January 17, 2009

HURRAY! Jisun (formerly of Loveholic) is finally making her solo debut. It has been WAY too long of a wait, but now that it’s almost here (February 3rd!), I’m EXTREMELY happy. I lovelovelove her voice, and I cannot be any more excited to hear that she’s doing something after all this time.

Jisun Jisun

Here’s more information, which I got from Dramabeans:

Modern-rock band Loveholic parted ways with its singer, Jisun, back in 2007, to allow her the freedom to pursue solo work. In the intervening time, we haven’t heard much about the solo stuff, although she has done some collaborations with other artists (such as singing on Epik High’s fifth-album track “One”). But now, the singer (and songwriter) has finally announced official plans for her comeback.

A management company representative said on the 14th that Jisun’s debut solo album will go on sale on February 3. The style of music shouldn’t be a drastic change, as it still falls into the general rock style of her previous work with Loveholic.

Meanwhile, she remains on good terms with her former groupmates Kang Hyun-min and Lee Jae-hak, who altered the band name to “Loveholics” after her departure.

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